Wanda Alger


“Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised…And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him.” (Hebrews 10:35-36,11:6)

Whatever hardship, pain, or trauma we go through, God uses as an investment into our future. We must remember that the larger the call and mission, the more weight there must be in the preparation. He took 30 years to prepare His Son for a mission of three (years). The more significant the call, the more testing and proving there must be in order to prepare the vessel for its ultimate purpose.

Many who have been walking through hard times these past few years have been in a season of preparation. He does not ask us to endure without cause. It is always unto something greater. As our faith is being perfected, He has been preparing us for Kingdom exploits that have been determined from the very beginning of time (John 14:12). But it has required us to change. Even now, He is speaking to His people as we ponder what lies ahead:

“The way things have been done need to change. You can no longer walk as in days past. Are you paying attention to the lessons I am teaching you? Are you making the adjustments needed to engage in the massive transformations about to occur? New systems are being created. Are you adjusting to the upgrades? New wineskins are being formed. Are you allowing Me to stretch you? New leadership is emerging. Are you recognizing My anointing? New alignments are being created. Are you leaving the familiar and embracing the new?”

“That which lies ahead has never been done before – never been seen before. Do not limit My workings to a presidential election or a judgment on witchcraft in high places. Do not limit My power to overturning corruption or vindicating the accused. Though these will be necessary components in My dealings, My gaze is fixed beyond these markers.  What I have purposed to do will be ground breaking. Mind blowing. Life altering.”

“Until now, you have not had the capacity to imagine or even believe for the things about to take place. You have been hypnotized and immobilized by the enemy for decades. It has taken these past several years to break the spell and get your attention. At times I have put you in stealth mode in order to secretly lead you past the enemy’s camp and give you a glimpse of the promised territory just ahead. Much of what I have been accomplishing has been undetected – on purpose.”

“The enemy would have you believe the tests and trials have worn you down and rendered you useless. But the opposite is true – and he knows it. As you have stood in faith and refused to bow to the pressure, I have been quietly reinforcing your faith and strengthening your foundations. I have been fortifying your resolve to not only outlast him, but take home the spoils.”

“Do not pay attention to falsified reports or projected timelines concerning the days ahead. No one holds the future but Me. I alone hold the keys to the doors of destiny, and I alone will open and close them as I will. Even now, I am raising My hand to a lock and preparing to turn the key.”

“To those who have felt taken out or sidelined in these battles for truth and justice, do not acquiesce and do not give up. The adversary has no authority to strip you of your rank, assignment, or mission. He can never take that which I have freely given unless you allow it. The only way for him to win is if you agree with him. My Word never changes and My purposes never wane just because the Morning Star panics and pounces. He is weaker than you think and knows of your capacity to defeat him with but one word from My mouth. Stand in agreement with My words and the enemy loses all power and influence over your soul and mind.”

“But be forewarned. The demon of Fear continues to crouch at your door and you must not give in. He knows your weakness and seeks a foothold in your household. Do not let him outwit you again and fall into his trap. I am your Healer, your Redeemer, and Sure Defense. Trust in Me and I will never let you down.”

“Recognize My workings. I have been correcting your course. I have been strengthening My Body for the heavy lifting ahead. We have been taking out giants and are about to overwhelm our enemies with an unseen force that has been preparing in the shadows. Your time in the desert has not weakened you or disqualified you for greatness. On the contrary. It is the humble in heart and those obedient to My voice who will yield the greatest authority and demonstrate the greatest power of My Kingdom in the days to come.”

“Watch and look. As the new year dawns, know that surprises will come and unexpected plot twists will appear. Recompense is but a foretaste of the rewards to come. The enemies of God will be undone by My hand and the faithful will rise in My glory. The thief has been caught and payback time is coming.”

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