Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal

March 25, 2024


“I have shown My prophetic voices that PERILOUS TIMES are coming, but some of these voices have MISAPPLIED these revelations as being PERILOUS TIMES for the whole world. These are NOT PERILOUS TIMES for My people; rather, these are TIMES of ABUNDANCE. Does that sound IMPOSSIBLE to you that I could bring PERIL to the DARKNESS while PRESERVING My people and SUPPLYING them out of My ABUNDANCE? I really am that GOOD and I really am that POWERFUL. The PERILOUS TIMES will bring about the DESTRUCTION  of your enemies. The destructive plans they had for you will BOOMERANG back onto them. Why are you giving your EMOTIONAL ENERGY to ANXIOUS THOUGHTS of HOW to PROVIDE and PROTECT yourself? If you INVESTED your TIME and EMOTIONAL ENERGY in SEEKING Me, BELIEVING My PROMISES, and ENTERING into My PEACE, you would find yourself in a place of ABUNDANCE. In this place of PEACE, I will give you any STEPS to take that will result in My ABUNDANCE coming to you. My ABUNDANCE is not just financial. It is UNEXPECTED PROVISION, an INCREASE of FAITH and ANOINTING, great PEACE and deep JOY. It is providing you with an OVERFLOW that you can SHARE with others. DO NOT CHOOSE TO BELIEVE THE PERILOUS TIMES ARE FOR YOU! Instead, choose to BELIEVE in the SUPERNATURAL ABUNDANCE and DEEP LOVE of your Father.”

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