July 4, 2022


“The SOUNDS OF FREEDOM are growing LOUDER in your Nation. As more and more voices begin to CRY OUT for FREEDOM, they will OVERPOWER the LYING, CONTROLLING voices of evil. Darkness always seeks to control you through DECEPTION and FEAR. Guard your heart by ABIDING in Me, BELIEVING in My promises, and TRUSTING My faithfulness. This will free your heart and your voice to proclaim THE SOUNDS OF FREEDOM. DECLARE FREEDOM into the atmosphere. SPEAK of FREEDOM to one another. Proclaim that My plans for your life and for your Nation are FREEDOM. Accept nothing less than My FULL FREEDOM. Seek freedom first for your own heart so that your SOUNDS OF FREEDOM will be PURE and POWERFUL. It was for FREEDOM that My Son died for you. He death and resurrection are the basis of your FREEDOM – embrace it in its fullness. When you are free, your life is singing THE SOUNDS OF FREEDOM.

A desire for FREEDOM is in the hearts of all people so when they hear your life’s SOUNDS OF FREEDOM, they will be drawn to My light and the freedom it brings. Many lives living and proclaiming THE SOUNDS OF FREEDOM will crack OPEN the darkness, EXPOSE its control, and BRING DOWN its deception. Let THE SOUNDS OF FREEDOM flow!”


Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal

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