Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal

January 28, 2023


“A DAY IS COMING, My faithful Army of Light, when you will no longer be FORCED to live under evil leaders who seek to DESTROY you or to CONTROL you. Their plan was EXTENSIVE, very DARK, and covered over with DECEPTION and DELUSION. My Beloved Church was not waging an EFFECTIVE spiritual war against this RISING DARKNESS because they bought into an ESCAPIST MENTALITY—TARES SOWN among the WHEAT. Their focus was on ESCAPING all areas of culture because they saw darkness in them; thus, they ABANDONED society to the darkness and allowed it to RULE in their place. They HUNKERED down behind their stacks of freeze-dried food and waited to be TRANSPORTED to Heaven out of the darkness they FEARED. Let Me assure you that when My Son brings His Bride home to meet Me, she will be a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, VICTORIOUS BRIDE who helped ADVANCE My Kingdom of Light and who FOUGHT BY MY SIDE to DEFEAT darkness and to RULE and REIGN with Me. It’s time the Church FACED HER FEARS and came out of HIDING. You are not called to ESCAPE, you are called to REIGN with Me. You are not called to HIDE from the darkness; you are meant to SHINE My BEAUTIFUL LIGHT into the darkness and to bring My Kingdom RULE and WAYS across all areas of your society. Don’t MISS the TIME of your VISITATION! I AM coming to RESCUE you from the dark death agenda and to bring in My LIFE and LIGHT. It will be those who BELIEVED My PROMISE and FOUGHT by My side in FAITH, who will receive GREAT REWARDS. The world is getting ready to FREAK OUT at My coming shakings, but to you, they will not be OVERWHELMING because you see with My eyes and know that A DAY IS COMING when we will TRAMPLE evil into the dust and a NEW DAY will dawn for JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, and FREEDOM.”

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