Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal   February 6, 2024


“This is a season of GREAT UPHEAVAL, REMOVAL, and CHANGE. The FRUIT of everyone’s lives is going to be made APPARENT. Some of these REVEALS will be SHOCKING because they HID their CORRUPTION well. It may SHAKE you that you could be so FOOLED about someone and that could lead you to being a SUSPICIOUS person who trusts no one. That response will only CUT YOU OFF from deep FELLOWSHIP with others and from TRUSTING ME. Here is the LIVE-GIVING response: ACKNOWLEDGE you did not see the TRUTH about a person, DECLARE that you are going to LEAN FULLY on Me to show you TRUE DISCERNMENT about another person, and WALK in HUMILITY with My Spirit—knowing that He sees FULLY the DEPTHS of a human heart. Are your LOVED ONES completely FOOLED by the spirit of the age? Are they PURSUING STERILE LIVES that lead into darkness? Have they REJECTED the TRUTH of who I AM and are they pursuing FALSE religions? Here is a REAL HEART TEST of your TRUST IN ME. Do you BELIEVE I have the LOVE and the POWER to reach them and to SNATCH them out of the GRIP of darkness? Or do you think you have to try and CONTROL the situation and CONTINUALLY BARAGE them with truth that they are NOT READY for? They are already BEING CONTROLLED by the darkness, and they DON’T NEED you to try and CONTROL their lives. My love DOESN’T CONTROL. My LOVE PURSUES them and INVITES them into the LIGHT and into FREEDOM. Someone PRAYED for you to come into My LIGHT and My LOVE and that is what you can do for those you love who are lost somewhere in the LIES or DARKNESS. You will know if I call you to SPEAK something into their lives because a WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY will OPEN for you to say what I have put in your heart to say. Only SHARE what I’m giving you—don’t try and HURRY the PROCESS. Let the SMALL SEED of TRUTH you plant, SPROUT and begin to GROW. TRUTH always brings a GOOD HARVEST. Leave that TIMING to Me. Lay aside your EXPECTATIONS, your FEARS, and your need to CONTROL. Enter into the REST of My LOVE and know that same LOVE is being OFFERED to the ones you are praying for. If you feel ANXIOUS, that is a SIGNAL for you to do a HEART CHECK—ask yourself, ‘DO I TRUST YOU?’ Holy Spirit will come and STRENGTHEN the WEAK PLACES in your wall of FAITH, and you will find that you are TRUSTING Me in EVERY AREA of your life. Then you will find TRUE PEACE and REST in My GRACE and My POWER.”

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