December 12, 2022


Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal

I had a DREAM/VISION last night. I heard a voice say, “THE CONVERGENCE OF ALL THINGS.” I saw sections like “Seeing,” “Knowing,” “Covert Actions,” “Military,” “Courts,” and listed under each section were TRUTH TELLERS. I saw that all these voices of truth were coming together in a CONVERGENCE that would completely expose the truth and all those who were doing evil. As all these truths CONVERGE, they will cause an ERUPTION of truth. This morning, I heard the Father say this:

“It is time for THE CONVERGENCE OF ALL THINGS. All the STREAMS OF TRUTH that I have inspired will now come together to bring about a FLOOD OF EXPOSURE. This is also the time where HEAVEN and EARTH CONVERGE in one FOCUSED purpose: to BRING DOWN an evil empire and to RESTORE justice and righteousness to the earth. This joining together of Heaven’s armies and strategies are becoming one with My Army of Light, as they make My BATTLE STRATEGIES their battle strategies. This will be the most COMPLETE PICTURE so far in earth’s history of My Sons and Daughters of the DAWN rising into their DESTINY TO RULE AND REIGN WITH ME. Not only will evil be crushed beneath your feet, but you will have come into the realization of who you were made to be in My Kingdom. This will be a

SUPER FAIL for the darkness: not only will they LOSE their evil empire, but a whole Army of ENLIGHTENED ones has now arisen to take their places and to OCCUPY until I return. When I WIN, I WIN BIG! Nothing will stop THE CONVERGENCE OF ALL THINGS.” ISAIAH 58:8 “Then your light will break out like the dawn, and your healing (restoration, new life) will spring forth; your righteousness will go before you (leading you to peace and prosperity), the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.”

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