Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal

May 7, 2023



“Have you ever seen an animal CHASING ITS TAIL? It’s quite amusing, but it is an EXERCISE in FUTILITY. I want to be sure as you go through this season of EVER-CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES and UNKNOWN OUTCOMES that the enemy does not DECEIVE you into CHASING YOUR OWN TAIL. CHASING your own TAIL results in FRANTIC MIND GAMES that leave you EXHAUSTED and full of STRIFE and WORRY. The enemy knows where your FAITH IS WEAK, and he will make sure you FRANTICALLY try to PREPARE for the UNKNOWN FUTURE using MAN’S SOLUTIONS to PROTECT yourself. Problem is, man’s solutions can be CONTRADICTORY and then WHOM do you BELIEVE? What do you do to PROTECT your FINANCES, your FAMILY, your NATION from the darkness that seeks to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY? TAKE A DEEP BREATH and KNOW that I AM YOUR GOD. I AM FAITHFUL, POWERFUL, and TRUE; and I will not leave you as ORPHANS, FLOUNDERING without GUIDANCE and DIRECTION for your future. You have INSTANT, 24/7 ACCESS to the WISEST and MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE COUNSELOR in the Universe. He is a FINANCIAL GENIUS, SUPREME MILITARY STRATEGIST, and the safest STRONGHOLD in existence. If you ask Holy Spirit for GUIDANCE and HELP, HE WILL GIVE IT! He will LEAD you into PATHS of PEACE, and you will make DECISIONS from PEACE and FAITH and not from ANXIETY or STRIFE. Because I interact with you as an INDIVIDUAL, your PREPARATION for the future may not look like other’s preparations. That is because I know EXACTLY what you will REQUIRE. The MOST IMPORTANT PREPARATION you can make for your future is to DRAW EVER CLOSER to Me so that I can DIRECT all your ways and LEAD you into PATHS of PLENTY and PEACE. Be sure that you LISTEN to My VOICE above all others, and you will be SAVED from CHASING YOUR OWN TAIL in CONFUSION and WORRY. Put your HAND in My hand, place your HEART into My heart, and I will be your WISDOM, your PROTECTION, and your PEACE.”

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