Charlie Shamp November 4, 2023

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say,
“The voice of the Almighty thunders, ‘Arise, O warrior of faith! The time for breakthrough is at hand, and I will lead you into the battle with a mighty roar. Behold, I am the God of thunderous victory, and I shall shatter the enemy’s stronghold on your territory. I will sweep away every obstacle that stands in your way by my right hand. Fear not, for I have equipped you with divine armor and bestowed upon you the authority to trample upon serpents and scorpions. With a fiery passion burning within your soul, you shall reclaim what has been stolen from you.

I declare unto you, that the enemy’s reign of darkness is coming to an end. I am the God of breakthrough, and I will unleash my power upon the enemy’s camp. As you march forward, the ground beneath you will quake, and the heavens shall tremble with anticipation. The forces of darkness will cower in fear as they witness the might of my hand moving on your behalf.

Do not be discouraged, for I am your ever-present help in times of trouble. I am the God who makes a way where there seems to be no way. I will part the raging seas of opposition, and you will walk upon dry ground. Your faith will be a beacon of light, piercing through the darkness, and leading you to victory.

Rise up, O warrior, and take hold of the promises I have spoken over your life. With unwavering determination, press forward and seize the territory that rightfully belongs to you. The enemy’s strongholds shall crumble like ancient ruins, and you will possess the land.

I am the God of restoration, and I will restore what the enemy has stolen from you. Your joy will be renewed, your dreams will be resurrected, and your destiny shall be fulfilled. Trust in my unfailing love, for I am faithful to complete the good work I have begun in you.

So, gird yourself with the belt of truth, wield the sword of my word, and march forth with unwavering faith. The battle is fierce, but victory is assured. I am with you and together we will triumph over the enemy. Rejoice, for breakthrough is yours, and the territory will be reclaimed in my name!”

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