Charlie Shamp

December 30, 2023

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say on December 30, 2023 at 4:51 am,

“Fear not, for I am with you in this hour of uncertainty and turmoil. Though they speak of a red dawn and the day of the dragon, I declare to you that this is the day of the roar of the Lord. I am moving in power and authority to bring about justice and righteousness in your nation.

Do not be swayed by the voices of fear and confusion. The enemy is busy at work sowing seeds of division and deception, but I am exposing the works of darkness. I am striking at the scales of Justice, bringing to light the hidden agendas and schemes of the enemy.

Communism, demonic entities, and the UFO deception will try to infiltrate and influence, but I am greater than any force of darkness. My light exposes their lies and reveals the truth. Stand firm in the truth of my Word and do not be deceived.

America will go through a time of great darkness. It will be a period of intense trials and challenges, where the forces of darkness will seek to exert their influence. But even in the midst of this darkness, there is hope.

Just as a birthing canal is a place of pain and struggle, it is also the pathway to new life. In the same way, the darkness that America will face in 2024 will be the birthing canal for a new season of transformation and rebirth.

I am doing a deep work in the hearts of the people of America. I am shaking the foundations and exposing the hidden sins and injustices. This process may be painful and uncomfortable, but it is necessary for true change to occur.

As the darkness intensifies, do not lose heart. Hold on to your faith and trust in my plans for America. I am raising up a remnant who will shine brightly in the midst of the darkness. They will carry my light and truth, bringing hope and healing to a nation in need.

During this time, it is crucial for my people to come together in unity and prayer. Seek my face and intercede for America like never before. Your prayers have the power to shift the spiritual atmosphere and bring about a divine turnaround.

The election hangs in the balance, but know that I am in control. Trust in me and seek my guidance. Pray for discernment and wisdom as you navigate these uncertain times. I am raising up leaders who will align with my purposes and bring about my plans for your nation. They will be vessels of my glory and agents of change. They will lead America into a season of restoration and revival.

Do not lose hope, for I am the God of miracles. I am turning the tide and bring about a shift in the spiritual atmosphere. Keep your eyes fixed on me and continue to intercede for your nation. Your prayers have power and can bring about transformation.

Remember, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I hold the future in my hands. Trust in my sovereignty and know that I am working all things together for the good of those who love me.

Be strong, be courageous, and stand firm in your faith. The battle is mine, and victory is assured. I am with you always, even until the end of the age.”

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