Barry Wunsch

Prophetic Dream Encounter: July 8, 2023

What John F. Kennedy couldn’t finish, Donald J. Trump will!

I laid down this day for an afternoon rest and had a dream and encounter. Here it is as raw and unfiltered as it was.


I was taken by the Spirit of God into a highly secured room, it did not seem to be a vault but close to it. There where piles of boxed documents and evidence all around me.

They were stacked and sorted by events that had taken place through days gone by, hidden away, locked down to hide truth and risk of exposure.

The first pile of secret documents that I was taken to and shown was regarding JFK, President John F. Kennedy.

Labeled big bold red font “Classified – Top Secret – President John F. Kennedy.”

As I stood there looked at these classified documents – all of a sudden there was an over imposed video of the assassination of JFK playing before me!

What was hidden in these classified documents came to life in this open vision and played right in front of my eyes!

There I was in Dallas, on the street watching this motorcade passing by.

It was like watching an old home recorded movie, washed out color, flickering screen, there was no sound, only the moving picture.


From my vantage point I saw a man across the way, across the street.

He was standing on and behind a grassy berm near the motorcade.

He drew a gun and shots fired with a puff of smoke in the air.

What I saw was the deadly shot that took the Presidents life.

After he shot President Kennedy, he calmly, cooly, and collectedly slipped away from the scene.

He did not have any fear on him. He had been supported by other operatives that were covering him for his own protection.

These were other undercover CIA operatives around him like bystanders who where part of the plan and “crowd” as to not make a scene.

Dressed in black, dark sunglasses, with a fedora of the day – I could see by the spirit he and they were CIA.

This was a well orchestrated plan. They had covered all the bases as best as they could to hide what they had to and keep a public narrative for the Nation and maintain peace and control.

It was a very sobering sight.

Honestly chilled me to the bone.

JFK knew it all, and was going to blow it wide open for the nation to see….the global elites could not risk the truth getting out and how things were really run and who was really in control.

I was then taken in the spirit into rooms where these global elites were meeting, planning and executing demonic plans of tyranny and control.


I was taken in the spirit to places in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Argentina, New York, and Washington DC.

I was in rooms where they were on telephone calls, planning and managing things.

I watched these old, encrypted type printers printing out coded messages back and forth, they looked like a form of brail, trained men and women at hand to translate and correspond as directed.

I was taken in the spirit to the top floor of a round bank tower in Switzerland.

It was the bank of all banks.

I mean all banks.

I don’t know how I know, but I know!

I could see it and I could feel it.

Everything was feed and controlled from this place.

The room I was in on the top floor had a big round board room table.

And in one of the “seats” there was a statue of Satan himself.

Those that gathered around this table were his pawns.

The darkness filled the air was a gross demonic stench.

I watched as men entered the room, took their seats, and began their meeting with satanic occultic ceremony and liturgy.

These guys and these principalities were positioned to oppress and control at every level, on every nation.

They held the money and held the control.

I could see in the spirit over this bank a spirit that was in the form of an octopus. It had tentacles that had a reach and access into the highest of offices and nations.


Now, I don’t know how else to share this, The spirit of God then took me through time.

All of a sudden what was black and white went to technicolor.


I was over this bank in Switzerland that now had power lines from it to the WEF and the WHO and other Nations and governments.

But now, what had changed was that there was an angelic host as far as the eye could see coming in and surrounding this bank and dark portal of evil.

This angelic host and there were millions of them!

They began to circle this and move around this place, and as they did, and picked up momentum and force they were like a whirlwind!

The Father had dispatched them for this very time in history!


By the time he was done there was not one piece left of it.

It was decimated.


Nothing left.

The connections to the WEF and other evil governmental regimes were toast!

I looked over the debris and what had just happened.

The Father turned the table on centuries of demonic control and oppression.

There was then a fleet of Air force helicopters in formation doing a fly over.

President Trump was given the tour, so he could see it was done with his own eyes.

I was then taken into a press release where it was time to publicly release the contents of the JFK files for the world to see.

It would be a key for connecting the dots for all that had been going on for far to long.

The humility on President Trump was obvious.

It had been a battle far greater than perhaps he expected.

He dropped to one knee and said a silent prayer before he shared all he had to release.

From his left, approached and stood the Kennedy Family as he began sharing.

The emotion in the room was gut wrenching.

Justice was served. And it was clear we were in a different time and place.

The World press gathered, more cameras and reporters than you have ever seen.

This was history being written right before us.

I could see the dust was settling and peace began to flood the land.

The storm was behind us. Skies were bright blue and clear.

The entire atmosphere felt clean and different.

(After this the Lord took me back into that classified file storage room and was shown into another series of files, details and meetings.


Praying and preparing for today, The Father has not given me permission to share it publicly at this point.

It will remain a point of intercession.

I can say that there is another big piece of the puzzle that is also going to be fully disclosed in the near future about a past event that changed the world forever.)

Then the Lord said to me:

“Barry, tell my people all that you have endured has not been in vain.

All that you have endured and all that you have suffered has not gone unseen or unnoticed.

For I know the battle has taken a toll on you, many have grown weary and are near despair.

For I tell you today to count it all joy.

For you have made it this far, and you shall make it to the end!

For it is my great pleasure to restore all things!

Be prepared for the vacuum that I am about to fill with the power of my glory and my might.

There has been a restriction by evil men upon my people.

They have repressed in every way!

They have repressed innovation given by My divine inspiration to men over centuries.

I have given inspiration to men to bring abundance to My people.


Get ready for it is about to be released through out the Nations!

I am moving you from days and years of lack into days of abundance and plenty!

It shall be available for all!

There is a new grace coming to share My good news!

Where it once was hard ground and hard hearts, there shall be a

softening as the outpouring of My Spirit goes with you.

As you step out in faith, I will make the way.

You will pray for the sick and they shall be healed, you shall cast out devils in my name, and you will lead many to My Cross to accept me!

Great shall be this harvest!

Watch, pray and walk with Me as we transform Nations together!

For this is the hour I am shaking and extracting evil Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers and leaders from their lampstands.

I am dealing with evil regimes and shall bring my justice and loving vengeance to the land extracting all that is not of me.

It is time for My ecclesia to stand up and be all I have called you to be!

It is time to put compromise and excuses behind you.

There are those among you who have self appointed yourselves in positions that I did not endorse.

You are calling yourselves something that you are not.

You are trying to walk in places that I have not called you or commissioned you.

You have to kick and spur in your flesh to get things done,

There is no favor on that.

There is no power in that.

What you start in the flesh you have to finish in the flesh.

What is birthed by My Spirit is done by the power of My Spirit!

It would be better to humble yourself before me, before you are humbled before man.

Since when is it right to attack and take out another brother for your own selfish gains or motives?

Be aware, the same measure you have used on another shall be used on you for as you sow you shall also reap.


Let me be clear, let me make it plain;

I am your only hope and redeemer!

Your hope does not come through a political spirit or a religious spirit!

Your hope and redemption comes from Me and Me alone!

For I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

For I am the Lord of Hosts!

El Shaddai is my name!

God Almighty!

Hold fast to my promises for they are forever true and unfailing!

For I am not a man that can lie!

Holy is the word of the Lord.

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