Nate Johnson FB Aug 15, 2023


(If you are believing and dreaming for homes and land this is for you)

At about 4am this morning I felt the wrestle in heavenly realms and what could only be described as the battle over territory that is about to acquired.

I sensed the second heavens war and the fear and discouragement causing people to back peddle on what God had shown them and the spiritual entities feeding and endorsing this lie.

Then I could hear the song of faith being sung over Gods frontliners and pioneers who were balancing the wire between fear and advancement “You must not relent for the promise of God is sure!”

I could feel the tug of war and the waves of defeat trying to pull Gods people back into survival mode.

Then I heard “The place of limitation is a city that is full, and Gods people keep returning”

“But what does unwavering faith produce?” I said.

“That which can’t be shaken” I heard back.

Then I saw a city surrounded by a city and my spirit knew this was Goshen.

“Goshen?” I thought.


“Stretch forth your tent pegs and do NOT HOLD BACK!”

I began to see bricks begin to be laid on others and paths being forged in rocky paths. Then I saw people shouting and rejoicing as contracts were being signed and territorial occupiers left and the Lord was handing back the keys to cities to the people of faith who have contended.

Then before I woke I heard the scripture 1 Chronicles 17:2;

“And Nathan said to David, “Do all that is in your heart, for God is with you.”

What is God saying?

Do not rely on what you can see right now. Do not dream according to the resources or provision in your hands but according to what is in your heart.

What dream has God given to you? CONTEND and watch it come to pass. WAR with it. It shall surely come to pass.

For we are in a jubilee – the TAKE BACK and restoration of all that was lost and land and regions coming back to the people of God.

For even now there is a secret plan in high earthly places to counteract this jubilee by robbing Gods people of land and dispossess them from their inheritance but IT SHALL NOT PROSPER!

Dream like you have it.

Take communion over the land and redeem her for she shall surely come Into your hands for this next great awakening and harvest that is upon us.

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