We want you to know that God has spoken to us prophetically about our lives and our nation: He reminded us that He has the power to deliver us IN ONE NIGHT!

Consider for a moment that God’s people were slaves in Egypt for 400 long years. So, slavery was all they knew. Then God sent Moses, and SUDDENLY—IN ONE NIGHT—EVERYTHING CHANGED!

On that one Passover night, Israel was suddenly set free from their bondage. And along with their FREEDOM, God also gave them good HEALTH and a transfer of WEALTH from the Egyptians (Psalm 105:37)! Can you imagine what that would be like? They were delivered, healed, and supplied for IN ONE NIGHT!

If God can do all this for an entire nation IN ONE NIGHT, what could He do for you in a single accelerated moment?

Consider the story in the book of Acts when Peter was imprisoned by Herod. The believers began a major around-the-clock prayer campaign.

But just before Herod was going to bring Peter to trial, which would likely
lead to Peter’s execution, something amazing happened! Peter was chained and sleeping between two soldiers when an angel suddenly appeared and broke him out of prison! Everything changed for Peter IN ONE NIGHT! (see Acts 12:2-16).

Why did God move? Because His people were calling out to Heaven in intense prayer! So, God’s accelerated intervention manifested right at the moment it needed to manifest!

The takeaway here is that you should never let go of your faith! YOUR prayers are always making a difference, so we urge you to remain in expectation of a powerful change! Expect God’s divine accelerated intervention today and every day! Expect it personally and over our nation. Like the story of Peter, let us begin to expect sudden manifestations like this right now!

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