June 18, 2024

“A season of CONVERGENCE is unfolding before you, as I work out My Rescue Operation. You will see the WINDS OF CHANGE blowing in the natural, and you will feel them in the Spirit realm. These winds are SHIFTING the ATMOSPHERE by BLOWING OUT darkness and RELEASING the Light and the FREQUENCIES of Heaven. This makes a way for the TSUNAMIS of TRUTH to FLOOD the Land, and you will see EXPOSURE after EXPOSURE that NOTHING CAN STOP and the LYING media will not be able to SPIN. As the atmosphere SHIFTS and the TRUTH FLOODS in, all the dark schemes and agendas will BOOMERANG back onto those partnered with EVIL. This three-pronged STRATEGY of the Rescue Operation is
UNSTOPPABLE because My POWER and your DECREES and DECLARATIONS are calling forth My powerful WINDS OF CHANGE, the flood of TSUNAMIS of TRUTH, and the BOOMERANGS of
EVIL SCHEMES BACK into the camp of the darkness. Do not fret if it LOOKS LIKE the darkness is SUCCEEDING in their evil plots. I AM ALLOWING them to position themselves to be OUT IN THE OPEN in an IDEAL PLACE to be taken SUDDENLY DOWN by the CONVERGENCE of the WINDS OF CHANGE, THE TSUNAMIS OF TRUTH, and the BOOMERANGS OF JUDGMENT AND JUSTICE.”

Diana Larkin
A Watchman’s Journal

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