Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal

December 19, 2022


“Stay with Me, Army of Light, as we PLOW through these FINAL days of FIERCE battle. Stay CONNECTED with My PRESENCE all through your day and night by

ACKNOWLEDGING I AM there, that I AM your STRENGTH, and that I have PROMISED you the VICTORY. Together, we are going to PRESS IN, PRESS ON, and PRESS THROUGH until you see the DAWNING of a NEW DAY. Do not BACK OFF or RUN from the battle—PRESS into the fight. I AM by your side and so are My MIGHTY FIGHTING HOST. Do not be FOOLED by the enemy’s INTIMIDATION because we are a POWERFUL marching force that makes the EARTH SHAKE as we go forward and PRESS ON THROUGH the enemy’s troops who have been knocked OFF BALANCE by our forceful marching. They are PERPLEXED and SHAKEN because we are PRESSING ON

THROUGH their ranks. As we PRESS ON through their SHAKEN and DIVIDED troops, we will secure a major VICTORY and OVERTHROW of the darkness. A SIGN of this victory will be when your rightful leader is RESTORED, but many other victories will be accomplished against their DEEP and DARK AGENDA. As you move into your new year, there will still be BATTLES, but they will not be this INTENSE, and you will have times of deep REST and RESTORATION. When you face battles in this coming year, they will be DIFFERENT because you will be FIGHTING FROM MAJOR VICTORIES and with much GREATER CONFIDENCE in My POWER and in My PROMISES FULFILLED. My beautiful Children, PRESS IN, PRESS ON, and PRESS THROUGH to STUNNING victories and great REWARDS.”

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