“The SUDDEN REVEAL of darkness that I bring will be so SHOCKING that it will be remembered as THE DAY THE WORLD STOOD STILL. It will be necessary to PAUSE ‘life as usual’ so that all realize the MOMENTOUS CHANGES that are necessary to SAVE the world from the darkness that THREATENED to SWALLOW IT UP. ALL eyes must be on the REVEAL that I showcase of DIABOLICAL plans of DEATH and DESTRUCTION, and the GREEDY, SELFISH, GRASPING hearts and minds of the arrogant elite and of the fools who served them. THE DAY THE WORLD STOOD STILL will be a day to AWAKEN and to realize how DECEIVED and BLIND they have been. As a new Nation is born out of the FIRES of the wicked and all their corrupted systems, there will be born a VIGILANCE to PRESERVE FREEDOM and to HIGHLY ESTEEM TRUTH and JUSTICE. A FREE and UN-COMPROMISED media will be demanded by the people, and I have been preparing TRUTH-TELLERS who will fulfill this role with INTEGRITY. A beautiful and strong UNITY will emerge because all the schemes to DIVIDE people will be EXPOSED, and everyone will VALUE being an American. They will join together to REBUILD, to RESTORE, and to make BETTER the foundations of this Nation on JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Those who were RADICALIZED will see they were DUPES being used by the darkness. There will be a WIDESPREAD turning to My SON to be CLEANSED and to embrace the beautiful gift of SALVATION. There will be a FRESH START for your Land, and My Army of Light and My Church will JOYFULLY DISCIPLE a Nation. Do not FEAR or be ANXIOUS but wait for THE DAY THE WORLD STOOD STILL because it will USHER IN A WHOLE NEW ERA.”

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