“Let’s talk about a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE. The MAIN outcome of a near death experience is that is DOES NOT END IN DEATH; it ends in LIFE! Your Nation’s FREEDOMS and your Nation’s LIGHT have been slowly DYING over the years. This has not been an ACCIDENTAL DEATH; it was ORCHESTRATED by hell and carried out by ARROGANT ELITE whose purpose was to ENSLAVE you and to STEAL from you. This death of freedom and light has ACCELERATED in the last few years because the darkness began to sense a RISING, RIGHTEOUS OPPOSITION, and PANIC pushed them to RAMP UP their DEATH SCHEMES for your Land. I AM declaring to you that this is a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE for your Nation, and it will end in a REVIVED Nation where LIFE and LIBERTY are once again PRIORITIES and TREASURED. Remember that I AM the God of RESURRECTION POWER and that nothing is too DIFFICULT for Me. I have DETERMINED that America shall LIVE, and she will not DIE! This is My SOLEMN PROMISE to you, and this is the future you should FOCUS on and LEAN INTO. Let your FAITH ARISE as you gaze on My FAITHFULNESS and My POWER. DECLARE and DECREE that America WILL RISE AGAIN as a BEACON of My HOPE and FREEDOM to the world. SHE SHALL NOT DIE—SHE SHALL LIVE!”

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