April 11, 2023 (https://dianalarkin.blogspot.com/2023/04/items-april-11-2023-video-how-do-you.html?m=1)

ACTION ITEMS: April 11, 2023, Video: HOW DO YOU BAIT A TRAP?


*Do not fear if things seem to be working against the one who has been fighting for us; we are to see thru the Father’s eyes and see the brilliant trap that has been laid. We are to keep pushing darkness deeper and deeper into the trap, and declare: everything the darkness meant for us and our leader is now their future!

*Just as the Passover blood protected the nation of Israel from the death angel, we are to apply Jesus’ blood to our own life, our family’s lives, our homes, and all we have been called to steward.

*When such evil is exposed, we are to invite people into His healing presence and His heart of love.

*We are to keep coming to the Father so that He can flood our hearts with His love and empower us to keep wielding our swords because it’s all going to be worth it!

*We are to rest in His love and drink deeply from the cup of salvation.

*We are to release resurrection power over our lives and our Land.

*We are to look up and rejoice because He is here to set us free.

*We are to support our rightful leader with our love, prayers, and by joining in the rebuilding process for our Nation.

*We will find peace in the waiting for all to be fulfilled if we surrender to His timing and His ways. When a threat arises, mow it down in prayer and decrees and declare victory over every dark scheme.

*Ask the Holy Spirit to unify our hearts and minds with God’s heart and mind. Refuse double-minded thoughts and slay them with

our sword of truth. Cling to this promise: the victory and the joy will be complete.

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