Prophetic Encounter,
Obama Exposed. Clinton Exposed
Donald J Trump Victory Assured
Roger Stone Victory Assured
September 1, 2022

Today while driving down the highway I was taken into an open vision and encounter.

I was taken inside a heavily gaurded deep state airplane hanger. It appeared to be on some sort of deep state base. The building itself was a dark olive green.
Once inside I saw lear jets, limos, and military style vehicles.
There were people coming and going from this place, meeting after meeting was going on with the highest levels of authorities. Strategies and marching orderes being given.

I was taken into the core strategy room.
There was an interactive map of the United States of America on the large table.

The stakes were high, and the pressure was extremely intense.
It was all on the table now. Full on.

Obama was at the head of the table. And was clearly calling the shots. He was irritated and agitated, morning his best form  H was starting to loose it. Hilary Clinton was standing behind him, on the verge of a rage, out of control as she was trying to tell everyone what to do, how and why to do it. She over talked every one in the room. She was in shambles, not composed in any way. She had blood running down her chin as she had just consumed a sacrifice. She didn’t care anymore who knew. Obama was also visibly shaken. He was now forced to step up the antics to try and gain control and take out 45 and Roger Stone.
Donald J Trump and Roger Stone were an insurmountable threat to the deep state agenda.

It was clear the favour of God upon them to expose it all and take it out!

I watched as a little man GS from Europe sat in the dimly lit room giving Obama and Clinton nstructions. This plan was bigger than them.

There was another monitor with CCP leaders weighing in with strategies. They were major stake holders, and they were in position to do damage when called upon.

Obama had the Biden and Harris handlers in the room and was yelling at them, and scolding them for inadequate actions and results. Obama and Clinton were both yelling at the same time trying to make plans clear. But it was messy and not working out well
I watched as CNN, ABC, CBS and other mainstream media channels where given the upcoming narrative to influence the days ahead.
I saw Obama with a hundreds of millions of dollars at his disposal to grease and pay off, or buy those officials and organizations to create false, fake, staged evil and demonic influenced events all lies to try to manipulate the American people.
He has weasels that he was paying to infiltrate where ever they thought they would gain ground.
Obama was in a position that was very precarious and would soon be fully exposed.
The places and the ones he was trying to hide behind were dropping like flies.
It would not be long until Obama and H Clinton would also be dropped like flies.

Justice was clearly at hand.
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Most sincerely Barry Wunsch
PO Box 25069 Deer Park
Red Deer, Alberta
T4R 2M2

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