Barry Wunsch December 12, 2023  2:40am

Prophetic Dream: The Time we have been waiting for.



I woke up at 2:40am after a dream and as I got up and was writing it out the Lord spoke to me.

Here it is just as it came.


The Dream

I saw the Lord. I was with Him in a valley, at the edge of some rough mountainous terrain.

He was dressed in a white robe and had His shepherd’s staff.

There was a massive flock of sheep He had been holding in a field.

We walked up to a gate together and He said to me, “Barry, this is the time we have all been waiting for.”


He was about to open the gate and He said to me:

“Barry, this is My gate and those who want to enter and come with Me now can only come through Me from here on.

There is no other way but through Me.”


I knew by the Spirit that He knew each and every sheep there personally.

He knew their story and everything they had been through.

I could see the trust and desire in each sheep that was there and their love for their great Shepherd.

They were a tight flock, and all were special to Him, and they all wanted to be close to Him.


He said to me, “Times as you have known them are about to change forever.

For where I am taking you now, no one has ever been, nor have they imagined it possible.”


I saw a few Roman soldiers show up on horseback dressed in their red and leather/ metal uniform, brushed helmets and red capes.

Swords on their sides.

They had been ok with the sheep being held in that field but were now concerned that they were being led out and being moved.

No longer being tamed but released for this moment in time.


I saw the narrow path that led from the small gate of the Shepherd, the Lord, that led into this rough mountainous terrain.

I could see that this path led into a sort of narrow crevasse in the rock that was a narrow passageway.

The Lord looked at me and said, ” Well, here we go. Let’s do this!”


He then matter-of-factly unlatched that gate, gave a glance back over the flock and gave a whistle and with determination in His step, stepped out onto the path to lead the way.

I knew right there and then that we were going to be ok.


The path that laid ahead would not necessarily be an easy one.

In fact, I knew it would be a rough one, but I also knew that we were going to be alright and that we were going to make it!

As He headed out and led the way, the flock immediately followed, and they had a bounce in their step.


The Roman soldiers stood off to the side watching what was happening and there was nothing they could do that could even come close to stopping this.


As I looked back over this flock, there were millions and millions of sheep following as far as the eye could see, and they were still gathering – coming in from every direction.

It was a sight to behold!


The Word of the Lord


The Lord spoke to me again and said, “Barry, I am bringing freedom and deliverance to My people.

I have called them all and it breaks My heart that so many have resisted My love for them.


“I am taking My people down a path they have not expected or anticipated.

Tell My people that they have trusted Me this far, and I will never let them down or lead them down the wrong path.

Tell them to stay right behind Me, and to stay tight with one another.

This is imperative.


“For as I lead you through these paths to hide you and protect you through the low places, there is a war that is going to rage in the nations as I bring My justice in these days.

Things are tinder dry, and a small spark can set it ablaze.

Soon, very, very soon, all shall see who is who and you will see whom they serve, and what they serve.


“The nations shall see in the fullness of My light what they have been hiding and why they have taken such great lengths to kill, steal, destroy and control everything they have.

For they have everything to lose. And they shall lose it all—everything.


“Barry, tell My people that it shall be over as quickly as it started.

There will be great clean up ahead.

For it is I who shall take down and out every evil regime and leader that stands in My way.


“You are about to see My remnant, called by My name, step up in ways they thought were not going to be necessary.

I will cover them, and they shall have abundant, supernatural grace and favor upon them.

These ones shall be led by My Spirit, and together, we shall remove such evil ones.

We shall take down and take out all evil facilities and altars right down to and including, their foundations.


“The nations will never be the same.

The evil and demonic web that entangles My people shall be removed.

This dark web is coming down and you shall see My transformation coming with light on a quantum scale – you have never seen anything like it!


“There is a great fall coming to China and the “Red Dragon.”

The prayers of My people shall avail much!

This shaking shall reveal much!

They are no challenge to My angelic hosts and warring angels!”


Returning the Wealth


I was taken into huge warehouses, each one full of gold.


The Lord spoke to me again:

“Barry, tell My people that I am returning the wealth that has been stolen from them through evil regimes throughout history.

Tell My people I am destroying the slavery system that has held them in bondage.

Tell My people deliverance and freedom are nigh!”

I was then taken into a global medical/teaching headquarters and saw God’s appointed authorities – armed military SWAT Special Forces (White Hats) entering this facility going room by room, office by office, arresting those responsible for the Pharmacia (Witchcraft and death systems they teach, manage, and deploy that kill millions by their agendas, ways and means).


The Lord spoke to me again:

“Barry, tell My people they have been lied to and they have been deceived.

It is much worse than they know.

Leave it to Me as I bring it down and as I bring healing to My people in My ways!


“Barry, tell My people not to be afraid as I am turning things over.

Do not be afraid as things shake harder than they may have expected.

Barry, tell My people to hold fast unto Me as never before.

Rest in Me.

Rest in My peace through the storm.

I am in the boat with you, and you shall be just fine!


“Barry, tell My people to pray and stand with those I have called to lead in this hour.

You will know by My Spirit whom they are.

Do not be deceived any longer by those I have not called – who have assumed positions I have not induced or blessed.


“There are those among you who are not of Me—darkness pretending to be light.

Their days are over; their jig is up.

It would be best they repent and turn from their dark practices!


“We are in a critical hour.

The fuse is lit, and it is short.

Now is not the time to fade back.

Now is the time to pay attention.

Now is not the time to slumber and sleep.

For I have called you, called you by name, predestined all of your days, for these very days you are in, right here and right now!


“So do not falter!

Do not hold back what I have put in you!

It is time to arise! It is time to shine with Me!

It is time to advance the line! It is time for victory!”


Holy is the Word of the Lord.

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