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Our goal… our mission is to help conservatives across the 17 Flyover States to Wake Up to the fact that there is an evil globalist agenda and if THEY don’t step up no one will. In 2020 everyone looked to Trump to do 80,000,000 things to save our country… We are helping people wake up and realize we need 80,000,000 people to do 1 thing to save their own country! The second phase after waking up is to start speaking up. Speak up in YOUR places of influence. We have created hundreds of pieces of content to arm you with actionable items on how you can speak up in your home, neighborhood, social media platforms and beyond. YOU, yes YOU reading this are one of the 80,000,000 we are counting on to help save this country. We need your voice. We need you to speak up! Everywhere you can. We are the majority who will no longer be silenced. Lastly we need 80,000,000 people to SHOW UP! From your local HOA meeting where they are making rules you can’t fly your flag to the school board meeting where there is an agenda to indoctrinate your children with Critical Race Theory to your City Council who is working their darndest to partner with terrorist organizations like BLM and Antifa. You must Show Up at these events and let your presence be felt. We must shine light in the darkness. We must expose that which hopes to never see light.

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