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You asked for it… YOU got it! David and Stacy react to Struggle Jennings and Caitlynne Curtis’ God We Need You Now. Overall we give it a 4.8/5 Let us know in the comments what you would give it out of 5!
*Lyrics at the bottom of description


God We Need You Now-

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Lyrics to “God We Need You Now”

The world’s getting crazy, baby chill
Don’t medicate, just meditate
You waking up now, well babe you hella late
Educate, look at what’s going on and let it resonate
Accelerate, find your inner hunger like you never ate
Agenda is to push the hate, separate and segregate
Don’t celebrate quite yet, the storm is coming, cue for heaven’s sake
Violence that they demonstrate instigate and penetrate
The values of our country and our God is what they desecrate
My fighters ain’t no featherweight
Pulling out the seams of the fabric that they fabricate
They feed us lies, manipulate
Intimidate through fear and force, forcing us to sit and wait
Til we come together, congregate and then we liberate
Praying that you give me strength to find some love amongst the hate
Marching on theses streets of blood til I see the golden gates
Troubadour of troubled souls, one of God’s servants
Blades out, cut the grass til we see the serpents

One day I hope you see the truth
This puppet show stays on because of you fools
We’ve been dancing with the devil way too long
I know it’s fun but get ready to pay your dues
Oh God come back home
This crazy world is filled with liars and abusers
We need you now before we’re too far gone
I hope one day they finally see the truth
God we need you now

I know the truth is hard to swallow, just digest it
Suspected something’s going on but chose to just neglect it
Deflected by some breaking news, oh we just accept it
Expected just to fall in line and follow their perspective
Don’t question their objective but I gotta lot of questions
How these kids molested but nobody’s been arrested
Read it in the Testament these children are protected
So I’m fighting all these terrorist both foreign and domestic
Refuse to be directed, a Lion not a sheep
Only kneel to my God so I’m dying on my feet
Silence when we speak but there violence in the streets
I’ve been rolling with the punches, I can’t take it on the cheek
Drink from a glass half full, I’m optimistic
People are sadistic, so vicious and malicious
Praying for assistance to overcome opposition
Or I’m gonna start resisting and then I’ll pray for forgiveness

Oh one day I hope you see the truth
This puppet show stays on because o

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