For I, the Lord, this day, am encouraging My children with these words for this time where there is much uncertainty, fear, and confusion. Know this, My written Word is truth, and it will set you free from anything that is in the world trying to hold you captive. I will not let these things you see now stand. When My hand is moving against them, more people will walk away from Me, but at the same time, more will come running to Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. This is the time of the great separation. I have spoken about the separation of My children from the world and its demonic system and of My Remnant from the rest of the body of Christ. My children, this has been your time to prepare, build you up stronger, and raise you higher than any adversity you will face. Don’t be moved from the right to the left or be dismayed. Focus on Me and My Word, and I will give you peace and rest, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

The news will announce mass shortages, market crashes, possible shutdowns, and lockdowns. Do not listen to any of these words. They are just words that won’t go anywhere. They will try certain things, but they will not work. My hand is moving, protecting, and delivering you.

They want to cause mass chaos on a scale never before seen. This will not happen. Neither genocide nor depopulation will happen. National shutdowns will not occur again, nor more lockdowns. No, because I always have the final say. They have gone as far as I will let them go, so their end is now at hand. So do not fear or be moved in this time of great shaking. I am here to deliver you.

Watch Yellowstone! I have spoken about this before. Things have been going on that were hidden from the public, but they can’t hide anymore; obvious signs, smoke, and small eruption, nothing major. This earthquake will be reported. They have tried so hard to suppress so much news from the public, but the floodgates are now open for the whole world to see and hear.

Again, I am mentioning the Statue of Liberty. One day you shall see it standing, but the next day there will be a collapse and then only rubble on the ground.

The same goes for the Washington Monument and many other monuments and symbols across this nation.

The bull on Wall Street will be in the news, so watch as this is a sign. The Babylonian system will crumble to the ground and will not control the world again.

Lightning will strike a major symbol in this nation, signifying their destruction and demise.

Watch the White House. It too will have a lightning strike signifying I am striking them all down, and Judgment is here to end everything standing in your way.

Insider trading, manipulating markets: a whistleblower will expose all they have done for so many years against you and the world, how some of your government officials were a part of this manipulation, how they used the markets to control bills they passed, for price gouging, inflation, tax hikes, etc. Many ask, “Lord, how does this all tie together.” “Lord, I don’t understand?” Soon, My children, you will see all they have done and every piece of their intricate plans against you.

I am telling you this again, My children, watch Taiwan. It will continue to be in the news.

Indonesia will be in the news again for multiple reasons: a significant weather event and major flooding. So watch for this, My children.

General Petraeus will be in the news. Watch for this, My children. Information will show which side he truly is on.

A female news anchor will be entangled in a scandal. Also, watch as you hear and see more fall for the lies they told and the truth they purposely never reported. Why? To save their jobs and receive more cash.

The news industry is about to take major hits one after another. These hits will show the world who had no integrity left. But there are a select few who did tell as much truth as they could. They will be rewarded by Me for not bowing to the globalist agenda.

A news anchor will suddenly die. They will say it was a heart attack. Don’t believe everything you hear. They are hiding the real reason, but that reason will be revealed.

Mount Everest will be in the news. Big time! Watch the tallest mountain and the information that comes from there. No matter how big or small, My children, nothing is impossible for Me. An avalanche will be seen and heard. This is the sign to watch concerning this mountain.

Concerning the Hollywood elite: a high-profile and very well-known actor for generations will suddenly pass away.

Bob Saget’s death will be exposed, the circumstances surrounding his death, and why there was blunt force trauma. Yes, this was no accident. Child trafficking will be linked and shock the world regarding this beloved father on TV.

“Haha! Inflation?” they will scream and shout. And Janet Yellen, herself, will be exposed for all they paid her to say these things causing prices to soar, inflation, shortages, and markets. Everything done was to cause fear and panic so their final take over could succeed. Remember, My children, who is in charge. It is not them!

A huge report will expose a pedophilia ring. Yes, it will uncover who was in charge in a specific part of the world. Then there will be many more exposed after this.

Every dirty and dark secret is coming to light and will be destroyed in this time of great change. My children, know who always wins and know you are on My side. A thousand may fall at one side and ten thousand at another, but it won’t come near you. Study Psalm 91, 34, and 93. Get them down in your hearts. Stand on My Word, and It will destroy anything in your way. My Word pierces your enemies. It is a two-edged sword. Shout out My Words. This will cause the most damage to any plans against you. See yourselves as the giants you are and know he, your enemy, is nothing in your sight. Not the other way around. He has had so many people believing this, and he has deceived them out of what was already theirs. These are My days to destroy the works of the darkness against My children. See yourselves as I see you; through the eyes of Christ; through the eyes of victory.

Stand and receive these words today. This is your year and your great Exodus, saith the Lord of Hosts.

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