“You will witness the RELEASE of MY VANQUISHING SWORD. It will strike BLOW AFTER BLOW on your enemies, until they are ALL REMOVED from positions of power and influence. My JUDGMENT will then FALL on them HEAVILY, and you will see their DARK mountains of influence COLLAPSE and become RUBBLE. Do not be ANXIOUS about or MOURN these mountains that are brought down because, together, we will REBUILD mountains founded on My RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. Remember that I can rebuild STRONGER and BETTER from the RUBBLE, and I AM the one who brings BEAUTY FROM ASHES. I have raised up and will place back in his RIGHTFUL POSITION the MASTER BUILDER I have called to serve your Nation during this rebuilding process. These are the days you have been LONGING to see: the ones who PURSUED you will now be PURSUED; the many TRAPS they laid for you will now SPRING BACK on them; the plans of DESTRUCTION and DEATH will BLOW BACK onto them, as MY VANQUISHING SWORD is now turned on them. My faithful Army of Light, days of GREAT CHANGE and NEW LIFE are just ahead.”

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