November 28, 2023


“So much will be CHANGING around you and in your own lives that you will need your FAITH and your FOUNDATION FIRMLY in Me so that you are not carried away by FEAR OF THE FUTURE and by making PANIC, FOOLISH DECISIONS. Like never before in your life or the history of your Nation has there been a time that you need to KNOW Me as your PROTECTOR and your PROVIDER. The financial systems that you trusted to SUSTAIN you have actually been STEALING from you for DECADES. DO NOT MOURN their COLLAPSE nor FEAR your LOSS of funds because I AM REPLACING it with a FAIR and JUST system, and you will RECOVER ALL.

Government systems you were told were necessary but were SPYING on you, LIMITING your FREEDOMS, and STEALING from you, will COME CRASHING DOWN in a day. DON’T PANIC! I have RIGHTEOUS and JUST SYSTEMS and LEADERS in the wings ready to STEP IN and FILL THE GAPS of CORRUPTED SYSTEMS. My Church should have been the SHINING EXAMPLE of RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE, and JOY in these dark days. My REMNANT has STEPPED UP and FULFILLED this call, and you have been SHINING for Me. But what is this that I SEE and HEAR behind CLOSED DOORS in some churches? TRAITORS, I SAY! TRAITORS in your ranks!

TRAITORS first to My NAME and My GLORY, and TRAITORS to the people because they have SOLD OUT to the CORRUPT in exchange for MONEY and POWER. WOE to those living behind FACADES because I AM PULLING THOSE MASKS OFF and EXPOSING you to the world. This is the season of THE FALL OF THE OLD AND THE RISE OF THE NEW. My Remnant, keep SHINING for Me, My LOVE, My POWER, and My PROMISES to a BROKEN, BEWILDERED WORLD. They will be DRAWN to My LIGHT in you because they will have a DEEP HUNGER to KNOW the REAL, TRUE, and LIVING GOD. Be their ANCHOR in this season of THE FALL OF THE OLD AND THE RISE OF THE NEW.”


Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal

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