Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal

January 24, 2023


“As EXPOSURES of the WEB of darkness roll out, you will be STUNNED at how WIDESPREAD, and how INTRICATELY PLANNED this web was. Fresh REALIZATION of how CLOSE you came to being COMPLETELY OVERTAKEN and CONTROLLED by the darkness will wash over you, and you will know that without My RESCUE OPERATION, all would be lost. Gaze at the darkness only long enough to see what is at STAKE and then FOCUS back on Me, on My POWER, and My PROMISES of RESCUE and RESTORATION. You may have a SOBER FEELING resting on you these days. This is NOT a lack of FAITH. It is a KNOWING in your spirit of the MIGHTY SHAKINGS that are coming to AWAKEN the people and to BRING DOWN those partnered with darkness. Being SHAKEN AWAKE because something FEARFUL is happening, is never pleasant. The PEACE and CONFIDENCE that you’ve found in Me are COMFORTS that you can RELEASE to others. That is why I AM drawing you CLOSER and DEEPER in Me so that you are STABLE and STRONG when the SHAKINGS ARE LET LOOSE BY HEAVEN. Here is your ASSIGNMENT(besides drawing aside and resting in Me): you can RELEASE SUPERNATURAL AWAKENING to people still lulled into COMPLACENCY and INACTION. My AWAKENING POWER is GREATER than the enemy’s power to SEDUCE and DECEIVE. Some of the SHAKINGS can be LESSENED if more AWAKEN to the THREAT of darkness and realize I AM their only HOPE for DELIVERANCE. As My Sons and Daughters, you have AUTHORITY to BIND seduction and deception and to LOOSE awakening over the people. Take AUTHORITY over SEDUCTION and DECEPTION, REMOVE its power, SHATTER the ILLUSIONS that hold people captive to lies, UNSTOP ears, and OPEN blinded eyes. LOOSE AWAKENING to the people, and they will join you in seeing all of HEAVEN LETTING LOOSE against the darkness!”

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