April 18, 2022

“Breathe the fresh breath of RESURRECTION LIFE. I will awaken your hearts to My WONDER and to a new life of ADVENTURE AND DISCOVERY in Me! As the RED SEA CLOSES with FINALITY over all your ENEMIES, your lives are going to SHIFT from WARFARE and BONDAGE to ADVENTURE AND DISCOVERY. Because you are My FAITHFUL and FAITH-FILLED warriors, will give you the gift of being a FORERUNNER into My future for you and for your Nation. You will begin to TASTE the fruit of the PROMISED LAND and the TREASURES OF DARKNESS that the enemy hid from you. Even as the final BATTLES RAGE and the enemy tries to bring SHORTAGES and LOSS, you will begin to experience the TURNAROUND in all areas of your life. You will live out My ability to BLESS, to HEAL, and to PROSPER, even in the midst of the enemy’s FINAL ATTEMPTS to cripple and destroy your Land. With JOY and EXPECTATION, step into My future of ADVENTURE AND DISCOVERY.”

Diana Larkin
A Watchman’s Journal

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