Charlie Shamp June 10, 2024

I heard the Spirit of the Lord declare, “I am opening the heavens to rain down revelation and wisdom upon you. Those who revere Me will be entrusted with My deepest secrets, and I will reveal My covenant to them. I am granting you access to the very depths of My heart, unveiling mysteries and truths that have been hidden through the ages. Draw near to Me with reverence, and I will illuminate your path with divine insight like a blazing torch in the darkest night.

I am also bestowing upon you the wisdom from above, the wisdom that enthrones. True wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord, and those who follow My commandments gain profound understanding. This wisdom will elevate you, establishing you in places of honor and influence. Walk in My statutes, for through them, you will find life and favor. My wisdom will guide you through every storm, and My understanding will be a beacon to your feet.

Know this, I have heard your prayers. I have attended to the voice of your cries, and I am responding with answers that far exceed your expectations. Trust in My timing and My ways, for I am working all things for your good. The essence of life is to fear God and keep His commandments, for I will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether good or evil.

Stand firm in your faith, for I am with you. My revelations, wisdom, and answers to your prayers are pouring out to you even now. Embrace them with a heart of gratitude and a spirit of obedience. I am your God, and you are My people. Rise up with courage and confidence, for I go with you, and I will not fail you.

I’m a fortress for your soul, a shield against demonic despair, and I’m releasing a clarion call to victory. The storms of life may rage, but you are anchored in My unshakeable love and wisdom. Move forward, with faith unyielding, for I’m with you always.”

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