Barry Wunsch May 23, 3:22 am

Prophetic Encounter: Donald J Trump


This is a hard encounter to share. One of the hardest I have had to release. I have been praying into it and the Holy Spirit gave this to me and as I prayed into it, He said to me” Barry, I have given this to you so that it could be shared…”

So, in obedience, I am sharing it as He has led me to do so.


On May 23, 2024, I had a difficult night of sleep. Staying in the Dallas TX area, I tossed and turned as my spirit was in intercession. I was seeing glimpses into the spirit when it suddenly opened up clear as a bell!

Once again, here it is, unfiltered.

I submit it today for prayerful consideration and discernment.



Prophetic Encounter:


I was taken into a hallway, it seemed to be a wing of an office building.

It was the ground floor of a tower, and as I looked around, I realized it was a Trump tower.


There at the end of the hallway at a back door was Jared K.

He was secretly letting someone in to meet with him.

In fact, there were three men he let in for a secret private meeting.

It was after normal business hours.

He took them to his office into a back entry into it.


I realized that there was a secret door that looked like a bookcase between his “public” office and this secret office.


Jared had his own staff and associates that conducted underhanded affairs and business dealings.

I knew by the Spirit that this sort of thing was not an isolated event.

The atmosphere in Jared’s office was dark. In fact, it was very dark. Extremely dark. Spirituality black.


Jared was running nefarious agendas and activities behind 45. He was just using his proximity with 45 for his own greed and power.

He was an enemy in 45s camp.

He looked after himself first.

He had an unquenchable thirst for power.

There was NOTHING he would not do to get what he wanted.


I was shown that he had two sets of books and contracts.

One that was public, and one that was corrupt.

He had one persona that he masqueraded as light in on the front side, and the other dark and demonic on the back side.


There was nothing he would not sell out if it brought benefit to him.

He would twist information or even hide information from 45 at will to control what he could in the most negative way.

There was nothing good with this guy, or what he was doing.


I saw he had blood on his hands.


Then I was taken in the spirit, and was shown a video replay, that’s the only way I can describe it.

It was put together a series of clips, one after another, after another all with a common theme.

Men and women coming into 45s office with warnings and evidence of Jared and his underhanded practices, corruption, and evil doings. There was blood on his hands.

45 did not like it. At all. At first, he sort of looked the other way. But now there was too much to ignore. Jared and his associates had gone too far. It had to be dealt with.


45 gathered one he could trust, an advisor who could give it to him straight, and he would receive the truth and feedback from him.

They discussed the situation, and strategic plans. 45 carefully assigned a team to investigate the allegations to validate it one way or another so he could proceed accordingly.


I was again taken into the spirit where I saw the briefing where confirmation was brought forward to 45 from these investigations and in fact it was worse than expected.


45 knew what he had to do and put together a plan for calculated actions, that is the immediate rooting out of Jared and his dark associates. There were legalities at play, and justice would be served.


45 knew who he could trust and as they cleaned house, there were righteous trusted ones brought into place.

This was clearly going to be a game changer in so many ways.

And there was no way around it.

It had to be done.


The Lord then dropped a word on me, and this is what He said:


“Barry, tell My dear son Donald to listen carefully to me on this day for I am calling him higher with me.

For I know the strain and duress that he has been under.

I know every move, tactic, and plan against him, and what I have called him to in this hour.

For he must know that I am for him!

I am behind him!

But he must also know that I am calling him higher with me.

It is my hearts desire that he walk with me closer than he ever has.

There must not be any double mindedness within him.

For the enemy will take full advantage of any and all compromise within him, and there is no power in that.

For he needs to know that he must not walk as Eli, not dealing with the perverseness and evil doings within his house.

For he needs to know that he must not put others in front of Me, turning a blind eye to their actions.

For he must know who is among him and the intentions of their hearts.


For what I am calling him to do, rebirthing, rebuilding a Nation is going to be impossible without Me!


For I am about to tear out every false foundation and root from this

great land.


I am about to shake this Government like nothing you have seen before!


By the time I am done you will not recognize y Kingdom Governance established in this Nation!


For I say unto you a new day is surely upon you!

This great Nation, America the Beautiful

shall not be given to the enemy!


This great Nation, America the Beautiful shall fulfill the destiny I have placed on her since the beginning of time!


I assure you; America will be great again!

Holy is the word of the Lord.

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