Barry Wunsch March 2, 2023

Burning ones are about to be released!

This word was just dropped on me today, this is exactly as it came, so I am releasing it right away in obedience.

Respectfully Submitted


Barry, just as a bow is pulled back to shoot an arrow, have I pulled back many of my people in this hour.

For if they remained in the positions that they were in, they would not be able to fulfill the destiny on their lives.

As I have pulled them back it will cause others around them to reevaluate their motives and selfish ambitions.

The days of blame shifting are no longer going to acceptable.

These ones I have pulled back are going to be released as flaming arrows into the enemies camp.

They will carry the Holy Spirit Fire, full of love, power and authority to set many free.

The fire shall burn in these camps and many will come running out into My arms of salvation, healing and deliverance!

The scales shall be removed from their eyes  and they will know the truth and it will set them free!

These flaming arrows have been saturated in my Holy Anointing oil and will burn indefinitely as they remain in Me!

Some have been pulled back and thought that they had missed it, and were done – but I tell you today you can rest assured that they are not done!

Nothing is going to stop what I am about to release across the Nations!

Barry tell My people to prepare for a wave of My Spirit that is bigger than anything they have ever seen!

Nothing will ever look the same!

Do not be distracted by the debris!

Keep your eyes on Me!

These are the days you have been waiting for!

Behold My Glory as I behold you!

Holy is the Word of the Lord

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