Barry Wunsch June 22, 2024

Prophetic Encounter regarding Joe Biden

The Lord has been dropping Joe Biden on me the last 24 hours. At least half a dozen times,  the Lord was trying to get my attention.

And then today as I was in my quite time, I was taken into the spirit where I

was taken into a special high level emergency meeting of Democrat, Deep State, WEF and globalist leaders and advisors.

Obama and his inner core were being forced and pressured to pull Joe Biden out of the game.

The point had well passed where his actions and condition was far, far beyond any type of recovery. The mounting collateral damage was overwhelming.

They had to get him out one way or another.

Nothing was to be off limits.

On top of all of that, the fact was that there was an open door that Hunter has opened that cannot be shut, and in doing so has opened up the books on his Dad and family.

They are going down. It was game over.

The implications of what is in the light and coming into the light was going to not only destroy the Bidens but also destroy the Democratic party.

The ship had taken in so much water and continues to, that there is no way that it could stay afloat. It would not survive what is coming!

In the meeting was Kamala Harris. She was being briefed, very uncomfortable with the plan to temporarily position her until a long-term candidate could be installed.

M. Obama was on standby in the room. Being coy, but knowing full well the manipulation to get her in position.

Kamila has been used, and they were going to use her like a pawn.

I knew by the Spirit she would cause them harm on her way out and she would sing like a bird.

Things are about to move fast.

There were other events being planned in conjunction with this to accelerate the dark and demonic plan.

There were strategic inside jobs coming to destabilize things along the way for them to deploy their demonic plans.

The Lord spoke to me, and this is what He spoke:

“Barry, tell My people that the house of cards is coming down! I am blowing on it now, and I assure you it is all coming down!

There will be nowhere for them to run!

They will no longer be able to hide behind the corrupt practices and people they have put in position.

I am a God of Justice and Justice shall be served.

For they shall pay a great price for what they have done to My people.

The move they are planning shall bring a turning point in this great Nation – for My people are standing and ready to move upon My word for Truth Righteousness and Justice.

The storm is bearing down even now.

Tell My people deception has never been higher, discern what you hear! Discern what you see!

Tell My people we are stronger as one!

Do no waiver, do not comply with the evil agenda!

We are who they fear!

Me in you, and you in Me, abiding in unity there is nothing that we cannot do!

There is a rebirthing of this Great Nation that cannot be stopped!

Take courage, stand up and let’s Advance the Line!”

Holy is the word of the Lord

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