June 12, 2024   7:00pm

The Lord has been stirring this word up in me once again, perhaps even stronger than when I first received it.

The Lord has prompted me to share it again.

In consideration to what is coming, and the unraveling of things as we know them, not only regarding the financial shaking that is coming, but also the shaking that is coming to Governments around the world.

The Father is clearly preparing to take out the Babylonian slave systems as we have come to know them.

We are coming into a rebirthing through out the Nations into Kingdom Governance the likes we have never seen before.

Things are about to be turned upside down and inside out!

I pray that the revelation of what is happening will come to those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see what the Father is doing in our midst.

May the Lord bless and protect you and your families, and may He overshadow you in all of your ways.




Prophetic Encounter: The Federal Reserve; Justice is upon us!

January 18, 2023

Respectfully Submitted

Barry Wunsch

The Canadian Hammer


This morning as I went about my day I kept hearing the

words “Federal Reserve”, I must have heard it half a dozen times.

As I pulled aside and began to pray, I was immediately taken by the spirit into The United States Federal Reserve.

There I was in the Federal Reserve Server room.

It was bright, very well lit, and had rows of racking and servers

humming along.

I watched as a team of highly specialized techs worked behind the


I could see them, but they were mostly transparent, I knew that they each were connected into the system, some on the inside and more from the outside but all were working on the same project.

They were tracing and identifying connections from other nations, banks, stock exchanges, and wall street.

They were preparing to cut each one, each line off from this old server for a new system was very soon to be fired up.

These Federal Reserve servers were at maximum capacity and were not going to last much longer. The system was in trouble and on the verge of a fatal crash.

This team was diligently working behind the scenes, tracing each line, each connection into the system and preparing for the changeover.

This system was outdated, had served its purpose for a time, but was now done.

There was a new system ready to go to replace this old server.

It was a Quantum system, like nothing ever seen before. Years in development and ready to roll out.

It was smaller, more compact, and lightning speed faster than anything before.

I saw a case opened up and the inside core looked like the most perfect diamond, crystal clear and bright. It reflected and radiated

light in a way I had never seen. The light bursting out of it was as bright as the sun.

There was something very new and different about this technology.

This was the future.

I was then taken out of the server room down a hallway to an elevator, up we went. The elevator doors opened into a hallway

with offices running down both sides.

As I walked down the hallway things were running hot.

Conversations were loud, passionate, and animated.

The Federal Reserve had been in trouble before but never this bad.

Agents were pleading with those they were talking to, trying to hold it together with all they had.

The men and women working the phones in a state of panic.

It had suddenly gotten “real”. This was not like anything they had faced before.

They were negotiating here and there with banks, wall street, stock exchanges in the USA and abroad trying to hold things together, but this time it was different.

There was a room full of agents working the phones, speaking foreign languages explaining things and negotiating as hard as they could to other Nations and governments, foreign investors and stakeholders trying to navigate the storm and what was happening.

As I continued down the hallway, there were agents dealing with

Government agencies, going through reams of reports, searching for ways and places to cut – because there just wasn’t enough to go around the way things were. Others being prepped for next steps when it goes down and how to deal with the fall out.

A little farther down the hall was another meeting room and there was a group of political leaders being briefed as to what was on the verge of happening, and what the potential ramifications were going to be.

The room was very somber, emotions and tensions were running high. It was a powder keg ready to blow.

Another room had a team plotting how they could spin this crash in a way to blame Trump and the Republicans when it was clear in their briefing discussions the Democrats themselves were to blame and they knew it. They had to try to spin it because they would not be able to hide it any longer. Everything was going to be exposed.

There was a set of locked security glass doors at the end of the hallway, where there was a group of journalists standing with cameras and microphones in hand prepared to attack with questions.

This was going to be historic, major breaking big news.

Holy Spirit then spoke clearly to me:

Barry, tell my people it is time for the take down, and it is time for the wealth transfer to be released.

It is time to pull the plug on the most corrupt system of all and those who think they control it.

They have raped and pillaged my people for far too long!

They have held my people in slavery and the day is upon you for freedom.

Watch as I dismantle this system that has held my people in bondage.

What I have started cannot be stopped.

It is time to remove those who have controlled the purse strings!

And it is time to take back the purse!

Never again shall it be in their hands.

For all that was gained through unrighteous means shall be returned a hundred-fold to my people!

I will see to it that justice is served, and slave masters shall be apprehended, and brought to justice!

The round up is about to begin.

They will turn on one another left right and center to try and save themselves but, in the end, justice will be served to all.

Watch as I pull the clinch pin they have held and protected at all costs.

They are about to lose all control!

I am taking it out of their hands.

It will be there today and gone tomorrow!

The day they have dreaded is upon them!

Barry, tell my people do not fear, do not be afraid!

For even though it may appear like the end is near,

a new day is dawning.

Draw together and draw unto me, for as you remain in Me, I will meet your every need!

Holy is the Word of the Lord

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