Andrew Whalen February 20, 2024

I heard the Lord say today “The discussion on the topic of frequencies is not going away its only going to increase”.

I’m sure what I heard today will apply to many things, much of which I don’t even have understanding of yet.   I’ve had several dreams thru the years regarding frequency (a topic that I never knew about until I was shown in a dream).   I’m sure God will unpack more in time.

However, one thing I have felt for a long time, is that there is going to be a whole movement of Christ centered worship, and worshipers, that recover the sounds/ and frequencies of God’s creation, putting sound back under God’s order,  and breaking the ‘de-tuned’ control mechanism that the occult has used in their manipulation of frequencies.

Let me also say..  having ‘the right frequency’ without a right heart with God, is still the wrong sound!  I believe the Greatest sound in the days ahead will be that which incorporates the life giving frequencies God put in creation along with the spiritual light of Christ’s purity in hearts!

The roar of Judah is going to rise again — The singers and musicians are going first into battle!   The harps are going to break the spell, the key of David will open and shut gates!    Its time to war over the frequency!  It’s time to let Christ’s victory RE- SOUND!

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