Where can I find the 100% affordable and effective COVID-19 treatments and therapies?
Sometimes it isn’t what you know it’s whom you know, and at Flyover Conservatives we want to make sure we extend our contacts to our Flyover Family. Mention to any one of these above contacts that you are a part of the Flyover Family. These have all been incredible resources for us in our pursuit of health and freedom.

Dr. Mark is a regular guest on the Flyover Conservatives podcast and we love his perspective on health… he is one of the first medical doctors we have met who is healthy and fit himself (You would think he was a chiropractor). The link above will take you to a page where you can get a free copy of his book where he outlines the core pillars of health and how to achieve them. Whether you live in Portland Oregon or Portland Maine he can take care of you which makes him an invaluable asset to the Flyover Family.

Leigh Dundas is a human rights attorney who packs a punch. She first came on our radar at the Health and Freedom Conference down in Tulsa where she blew the roof off of the Rhema Bible College. We are glad she is on our team. You can check out her website and also find her on the Legal Eagle Dream Team for America’s Frontline Doctors.

Joey Gilbert is the champion both in the ring and in the courtroom. He is fighting back the schools on the mask mandates and winning. His site is also FULL of videos and resources for what you can do to fight back in your own back yard. In our interview with him he details out step by step what needs to happen to get our country back on track

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