Church here is the narrative of the day. This is not a day when evil triumphs. This is not a day when Jesus returns to rapture us. The rapture is/was never a rescue operation. To believe so is to believe that God has scripted a losing storyline. He has not. Whatever the rapture is it is not a reward for losing the planet despite being the overwhelming majority. Jesus did not say “I will build my church and then pull them out before the gates of hell encroach on it”. No, He said, I will build my church and the very gates of hell will not prevail against it. That is the correct narrative of the day. The church is His ekklesia. The called-out ones who must challenge the gates of hell where those gates are.
Where are those gates of hell? Those gates of hell are positioned at the tops of the 7 mountains. At the highest place in Media, the Economy, in Government, in Education, in Family structures, in Arts and Entertainment, as well as in structures that call themselves Church. If you are part of a church that is just a “reprieve” from all that is going on in the world, you are not part of a church, you are part of Christian Social Club. Jesus said  He would build His church and this church of His would position itself against the very gates of hell. This isn’t the rapture this is the capture. The very gates of hell must be captured and occupied by sons and daughters of light. Didn’t He say that as well. “Occupy until I return”? Occupy what? Occupy your place of assignment. It is militant thinking. It is against the very places where Satan opens up gates of hell. That is where you occupy. That is where your assignment is. Church-going is not to be a respite from hearing about the battle. Church is where orders for battling are to come from.
Do you not understand that the gates of hell are a reality?. Do you not understand that the gate of hell in Media is occupied through agents in Twitter, CNN, Fox, CNBC, Facebook, Google etc. Do you not understand that the Economy has gates of hell in Wall Street, in the Central Banks, in Davos, in the World Economic Summit/Forum. Do you not understand that other gates of hell are in Hollywood, Harvard, Rome, Religious Headquarters, the United Nations, The CDC, the WHO, the Supreme Court, Congress, the Senate? Do you not know that he who illegally poses as president is referred to as pedo peter by his own son? Do you not know that criminals disguised as politicians and healthcare workers are still enforcing deadly vaccines? Do you understand Church that you are the only ones I have empowered to remove the Luciferian criminals from these gates of hell? Do you really think a celebratory rapture is in order when you haven’t even identified the correct battlefield?
Do you think thousands of Christian Social Clubs that refuse to show up at the gates of hell are targets for a rapture? Did I not say YOU are the salt of the earth and if YOU as the salt don’t bring the healing, cleansing and preserving agent of salt into societies ’structures you are good for nothing but to be trampled on? Do you now think that being trampled upon is a precursor to the rapture? Do you not see that being trampled upon is the result of being Christian social clubs and not the Ekklesia Church I spoke of? Are you now afraid your members will leave if you tell them that a gate of hell is a gate of hell? Are you now so cozy with darkness that you don’t share light on it? Have I not allowed things to be so clear in society right now that it is not a matter of politics but just right and wrong? Has not pure evil been made obvious? Do you still insist in playing it neutral?
Come on Church rise up. Rise up and be all I have foretold that you would be. Rise up as creation groans and travails for you to be my “gates of hell” challenging ekklesia. Rise up as I orchestrate a great day of deliverance for you and for the nations of the world. Arise and shine with courage, with conviction, with clarity. Leave your lukewarm Christian social club if its effect on you is lukewarmness. Find my ekklesia in places not called church. Recognize my ekklesia and my ekklesia leaders in very untraditional settings if necessary. Recognize my ekklesia whether it is in a building called church or an on-line community. Be taught by those who understand this narrative that I lay out for you. My finest hour upon the earth is coming and it is intended to be yours as well as you move in alignment with me. Carry Me, carry my Presence, carry my storyline. The Best is Yet to Come.

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