“I am bringing this Nation (America) into her destiny” 

I was given an open vision where I was taken into the Spirit and I saw the United States of America, it was an aerial view, I saw fields, country sides highways and byways, city’s and towns.

There was a funny feeling in the air.

A calm before the storm. There was high- high, humidity. 

As I looked over the land, I could see the land start to bubble and suddenly come to a boiling point.

I watched and just like a pot on the stove foams up and bubbles over – I watched the land come to a boil.

There were places that it boiled over.

Detroit in particular was highlighted to me that there was an event planned there that was potentially going to be used to jam the Nation with great repercussions.

I saw Blueprints with plans for Detroit to send out shock waves through the nation. Low frequency.

I saw the plan for calculated concussion waves to be released. 

They were marked Geopolitical Engineering.

But when they went to “detonate” the plan, it did not have the impact, it was shorted out, muffled and highly suppressed, but it was enough to bring exposure to those who were behind it.

There were paid cells of people that were paid to come out of the lowest places and hidden spots to cause problems on a large scale. 

They were recruited through some very dark groups.

They dressed in a way to try and camouflage them selves. 

These men and women were deeply deceived and had given themselves over to the enemy in every way.

They were so demonically influenced that they found pleasure in the atrocities that they were involved in.

I watched as authorities stood by and watched them burn and pillage through the streets with little or no resistance.

I saw authorities, law enforcement, politicians and bureaucrats being bought off with thick envelopes of cash.

Fully compromised. They were owned. Bought and paid for.

There were some on the front lines that stood up to serve and protect the people in the face of disobedience to superiors.

It became obvious who was paid off and who was not. 

Trust was destroyed as they now did not know who they could trust or not.

I watched these brave patriots were calling their families letting them know that they were standing up and were not sure what was going to happen.

As the evil ones progressed, there was a move of armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles that began rolling out into the streets.

They began a movement that looked like resisting the evil ones, but in fact it was the next level of power grabbing and control over the Nations hot spots.

Loudspeakers on some of the units telling civilians to stay inside, enforcing curfews and the like.

Much to the surprise of the enemy, they had not counted on tens of millions of patriot Americans standing up.

I watched as these ones began to stand up and gather.  Some were more prepared to stand than others. As they began to stand and mobilize, it gave courage to others to also stand.

They were coming into a great awakening unto the Harvest.

I watched as a level of love and unity filled the hearts of each one, as they began to stand and gather for Truth righteousness and justice and one nation under God almighty and stand against the evil that had been closing in on them. 

I watched as a new spiritual renewal flowed through them, many being restored into an unshakable faith, and many more coming into the kingdom for the first time.

I watched as helicopters came and went from the White House with an array of leaders that came and went from meetings there.

I saw governmental video conferencing with middle East, Asian and European leaders, many upset the plan was not working out as they intended. They were evaluating and recalculating logistics, but things were not in their favor.

It was clear the empowerment and favor of God upon those who had taken their positions for the Kingdom of God, Truth righteousness and justice.

My impression was that this was not going to be a long conflict.

And that in some senses it was over as quickly as it started.

That within a matter of a months, there was a fresh new landscape that we had all been waiting for.

As I was watching this unfold in front of me The Lord spoke to me:

Barry, tell My people that we shall prevail.

Tell my people that they will soon apprehend the depth of the great darkness that had to be exposed in this Nation.

Had they not seen it with their own eyes that would not have believed it.

Tell my people that there are some dark days ahead but do not loose heart.

For I am bringing this Nation into her destiny and no hordes of hell will stop it.

Get ready for they shall start to turn themselves in.

They will sing like birds.

No secrets withheld. It is all coming out.

Barry, tell my people they shall drink from a fountain that shall never run dry.

Tell my people that I have called by name that they shall not have want.

They are safe in my care!

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