Nate Johnston Sept 17, 2023

“A September of Deliverance and Jubilee”

A Season of Growing Pains, Purging and Pioneering

Recently, I was in worship and I received a prophetic download of a timeline of a seven year threshold that would come to a head as we enter the Hebrew new year 5784. This period of time began in September 2016 and represents a seven year season where the Church was both pioneering and preparing for a new era, experiencing growing pains, and also being purged of the old wineskin mindsets and methods.

We have seen this take place in real time, as we have been living in a time of extreme tension between the excitement and often confrontation of new concepts and revelation—as well as trudging through the grief and emotional roller coaster of a season of deep refining and healing.

What do I believe this is for? I believe we have been in the preparation, like Esther, moving out of one capacity and into another. God is coming for a pure Bride. He has been purging us of the contaminating and poisonous religious spirit we have culturally accepted, and delivering us of what we have collected and walked through so that we can be ready for the coming SUMMONING of a generation who will go before the King on behalf of their nation!

In 2015-2016, many people felt the call to begin pioneering and leading the way in new themes and revelation that was on the Lord’s heart, and faithfully stepped out. These pioneers have walked through fire and brimstone to obediently answer the call, but it has meant signing up for a nomadic way of life, isolation, constant migration, and being the “unpopular” voice amongst the sheep. However, now the script changes, because they have been prepared for what’s coming, and God is going to use them as the tip of His spear for the days ahead.

At the Threshold of a Double Door

I keep hearing the Lord say, “Come up here! Let Me show you what is to come!” It’s the Revelation 4:1 call to step into our inheritance of being “seated in Christ in heavenly places.” It’s the strategic seating of a people coming out of the swirl and being POSITIONED and CLEAR about where they are going.

Wow… I feel that. We are at the threshold of a season of clarity and precision. The arrows of our words and actions will no longer be blindly shot in the dark, but they will hit the mark in Jesus’ name!

Yes, we are at the threshold of a double door that has swung wide open for the Church, and the Lord is calling us out of the second heaven games, culture wars, and fighting off daily snakes and scorpions to step onto the real fight we have been called to win!

Egypt Is Over! The Real Conquest Is Now

As I was writing this, I heard, “Egypt is over and now Canaan days are here.” This is where our real conquest begins. This is where the Church rises up and occupies the land once more. This is where we expand and take the territory that is ours for the taking. This is where we stop seeing ourselves as grasshoppers and become the giant killers we have been called to be. It’s time to step over the threshold.

The Seven Year Season

So as I was praying, I saw the following images/visions:

  • Seven oxen
  • Seven keys
  • Seven scrolls
  • A lampstand with seven burning candles
  • 2 Kings 5:14 (where Naaman bathed in the Jordan seven times)

I want to give you a simple, summarized word about what I believe I saw and how it applies to us now and also for the year ahead.

The Seven Oxen
The seven oxen represent the seven years of the burning of old ways and methods, both personally and in the Body of Christ as a whole. It’s been the years of slaying the oxen and shutting the door to old cycles and religious thinking. Our assignment has been reformed, and like Elisha, who slayed his oxen when he was called by Elijah, we have had to end our last role in preparation for what God is leading us into. This has meant having to allow many seeds to die and old alignments to come to a close.

Corporately, we have seen roles and definitions change. Generals have moved on into glory and whole generations are rising up to pick up the baton of a new day.

The days of religious activity have come to an end, and destructive empire building, hierarchy, and elitism are breathing their last breath. You can smell the smoke right now, and movements still hanging onto the old ways will find themselves pushing uphill in the days to come.

The Seven Keys

The seven keys represent seven years of discovery, or should I say “recovery,” of keys of access for the Kingdom of God. This is the ‘picking up of keys’ that the Body of Christ forfeited and left in the dust.
I believe the seven keys are needed to enter into the doors before us in this new era. They are the keys of forgotten truths and tools that the Church needs for the harvest at hand: deliverance, healing, signs/wonders, sonship, holiness, justice, and truth. God has been handing them out to the hungry ones, while those who have bought into the lies of culture have found themselves imprisoned.

The Seven Scrolls

The seven scrolls are the seven years of VISION and INSIGHT for the days ahead. The scrolls represent seven years of revelation and entering into a realm of visitation for the years ahead. They are the letters from the Lord’s heart, and the blueprints and infrastructure for the new era of building and establishing the Kingdom. They are the specific strategies and building blocks to pioneer what is on God’s heart. The scrolls are the sweet honey that has come from the secret place and the dark nights of the soul that will soon be the mortar for the new move of the Spirit.

The Lampstand with the Seven Burning Candles
The lampstand with the seven burning candles represents the different streams of the Church all burning bright for the Lord. It represents the seven years where the Lord has been calling the Church back to her first love and to trim her lamps for the days ahead like the wise virgins; some have, yet some haven’t. It’s been a time of deep testing of hearts and motives. It’s been a time of purification and burning away the ‘Baals’ and idols in the heart of the Church. I believe the lampstand ultimately represents the Church being one burning voice for the Lord in the days to come.

The enemy is stirring up a storm right now in the earth, and if we are not full of oil and burning, we will be taken out by the enemy.

It’s time to burn!

The Seven Dips in the Jordan

Now this last vision was the most intense yet also beautiful. What I witnessed was the very heart of the Father toward us as individuals and the global Church as a whole. I saw the Scripture 2 Kings 5, and then I saw a vision of a man covered in leprous sores, wading into the waters of the Jordan. He was hesitant and deeply troubled. Then I felt the love of the Father for this man overwhelm me. It wrecked me.

I thought, Wow. Your love for him is overwhelming.

The Church, God’s Bride, is His love. I felt it so much in that moment.

I could sense the man thinking, But I’m covered in sores! I’m unclean!

But going against his natural understanding, he dipped seven times until he was made clean.

The last seven years have been a time of deep cleansing from the sores and leprosy of the past. But I think this is actually taking place right now; even as I wrote this, I could feel the healing balm of the Lord delivering and restoring people. What is on your back? What have you been covered in? Watch as God delivers you this month and FINISHES what He started!

Watch the Jubilee Unfold!

Now lastly, let me prophesy and decree over you: you have entered your JUBILEE, in Jesus’ name! Here are some examples of the significance of the number seven in the Bible and how they (symbolically and prophetically) apply to us right now:

  • The Shemitah year falls every seven years, where debts are canceled and the land must lie fallow.
  • After seven cycles of seven-year Shemitahs pass, the Jubilee year is declared.
  • Slaves are to be freed on the seventh year.
  • Rituals of purification make use of seven sprinklings or immersions, and a seven day period.



We’re about to enter in to a season of unparalleled promise and fulfillment. We’re about to enter in to a season of never seen before, recompense, restoration and resurrection of everything that was lost.

We’re also entering into a season of building the new plans, ideas and blueprints on God’s heart, and seeing a jubilee level of provision come in to be able to accomplish this.

We’re about to see a wealth transfer come to the body of Christ that’s going to cause us in a moment to shift from the tail to the head.

“This shall be an era of the double door swinging open wide. An invitation into encounter with me. It’s an era of revisioning with me. It’s an era of dreaming with me. It’s an era of stepping into abundance and a season of seeing the recompense from all that was lost and stolen, both personally and corporately”

“So get ready, says the Lord, for I shall do it in this moment at this threshold. Step over”

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