Kim Clement

September 13 , 2014

I am the creator of the ends of the earth. I know the evil that man can do but I also know the good that man can do. What you see on your borders, shall go up but God says I am the watcher of your borders. I am the guardian of your borders. Isis shall make their way. However, as I disarmed the enemies of Israel. I shall surprise them. For the angels that are watching are watching over you. The nations that are entering in illegally, I have a huge plan for the Latino people. I have a massive plan that will shake Isis, that will shake the terrorist organizations that are creeping into your nation. Convergence will take place as they cross your border. They are entering into Holy ground says the Lord. The blood of your forefathers was given and granted this land, through prayers, through sweat, through tears and through blood. Will I forget that? NO! Watch the fall the change and the shift. I will cause you to stand and say I never dreamed that this would happen in the fall.  Oh winter, oh winter how beautiful is your snow all over the nation? Rejoice for winter shall be a time of great rejoicing says the Lord.

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