For I, the Lord, this day am asking My children, do you think I don’t see the atrocities of your adversaries? Do you think not only do I not see, but I don’t hear their words and see what plans they have made and are making against you? Yes, My children, I hear them, and I see what they are doing. There are things I let them do, your enemies, to appear as though they were excelling and exceeding in their plans so they would move forward and continue to get caught in every action they were making.

My children, do you not believe I am the Most High God? Do you not believe I am the judge over all this Earth, and justice rests with Me? I will avenge you in everything you see. Yes, everything! I will not leave anything or anyone out. I am judging your enemies and avenging you for everything they put you through. I am the God that heals and the God that restores. My children, do you not believe I am the Great I AM? Or do you believe that is who I used to be?

I am the same God in My written Word. I still do those things I have promised. You can have hope, and you can believe in impossible situations because that is where I am, and I show up every time. I am El Shaddai, the God with whom nothing is impossible. I showed Myself that way to Abraham. I showed Myself that way to the Israelites and to many of My people in My Word who were caught in a corner against their enemies where it looked like defeat was inevitable- that there was no way out, or it was hopeless, and that this time the enemy had outsmarted Me or so it appeared as if I didn’t care and left My people to suffer under the hands of the taskmasters.

It was not true then. It’s not true now, and it will never be true. I never let your enemies win when they are defeated. Jesus paid that price with His life, and why would I ever turn from that? Why would I not hold that up against your adversaries and honor your Savior’s sacrifice? Why would I not honor that price that has been paid? I did not forget My Covenant with you, so don’t you forget how powerful My blood Covenant really is. You will stand firm against adversity. You will not be shaken. And you will not be moved when you know you have a Covenant with Almighty God and know your enemies have nothing more powerful than that.

Think upon these questions. I will answer them for you, My children, every time. Turn off those questions your enemies are using to enslave you in fear. They bring doubt, unbelief, hopelessness, and despair, and you will see yourselves as victims instead of victors. Jesus paid for you and your victories; they are guaranteed whether you can see that or feel it. It doesn’t change the fact that this is true. Stop believing the lies that you see. What you see is temporary and has an expiration date, and it is time when it is all about to expire. So hold on through this time that I warned you about. Hold on to Me, and you will not be moved or be in fear but will be rejoicing because you can see the victory on the other side. Yes, this is possible. Press in, My children, now more than ever, and you will see Me, the Lord of Hosts, destroy your enemies before the world.

Devastating consequences: you will hear this in your news. Some of your enemies are about to wish they never went forward with their plans against Me. These next moves they make will be their last, saith the Lord of Hosts.

A disaster is about to strike this Nation; it will appear like. Remember, My children, Who always wins. Remember that I see all and know all, and I have an answer and a way of escape. I haven’t left you to fall under the hands of your enemies. No, they will not succeed. They will not conquer and defeat you. Watch Me move, and watch Me at work. I never fail, saith the Lord.

Oblong: this word will be in your news for an unusual reason it may appear like.

A zoologist will be in the news.

“Under Siege”: you will hear and see this in your news.

Moscow: this name, I say again, will be in the news.

My children, don’t be moved by your enemies’ actions. They will not stay where they are. Do not fear the laws they pass. They will soon be nothing. They will not stand. No, My hand is moving against them even when you don’t see or understand yet. Does that change the fact? Do you really believe that I am not moving at all? Look to My Word, My children. My people never saw what I was going to do next. So don’t look to the world for answers. Look into My Word, and it will give you peace, saith the Lord.

To the enemies of Almighty God: your time is running out. No matter who you are, if you are against Me, My judgment will surely rain down on you, and judgment is about to hit you in ways you never imagined. This is not your Nation. You cannot have the United States. You cannot have My Israel. No, you cannot have these Nations or this world. It is Mine, and I am about to show the world this is true, saith the Lord of Hosts.

A string of sting operations is underway. Your enemies never expected and will never see this coming, saith the Lord.

My vengeance, the world is about to see first-hand. Your enemies can only go so far, and they are about to cross a line they didn’t want to cross. That line is for their destruction and their defeat. It’s almost over, My children. Do not be moved by what the news is saying. This will distract you from the truth. My Will is being done right now even when you can’t see it, saith the Lord.

Iran is about to come out shouting and threatening My Nations of the United States and Israel with their power and weapons. They’re at the point of weakness, Iran thinks. But Iran can’t see what is hiding, and they will never see it coming. Iran’s failure is about to be seen. It doesn’t matter what it looks like right now, My children. Do not fear. All they have are words. Iran is about to fall big time, and they will never recover from this fall, saith the Lord of Hosts.

A lion will be in the news. Remember, My children, who I am. I am the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I am always on the prowl, and your enemies are about to hear Me roar- one that will stop them in their tracks, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Albuquerque: this name will be in the news.

An eagle will be in your news to show you that the eagle is soaring, and it’s about to rise to a place your enemies never thought was possible again. They thought they finally killed My eagle, but they can’t. My blessing is on you. Don’t look at the sins of the past- those from the infiltrators of this Nation. Remember, My children, if you pray, I will hear you and heal your land. The eagle is about to soar to new heights where your enemies can’t be.

I have heard your cries, and I am turning the captivity and freeing your lands. I will not fail, and I will not leave you under the hands that hold you now. Your deliverer is here now, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Distractions will be great in this hour to take your eyes off what is really going on. Do not pay attention to your enemies’ next moves. They will fail. Don’t let your enemies deceive you. If they can’t deceive you, they cannot destroy you. Remember whose side you are on and whose blood was shed for you.

I am here, and your enemies will always lose. Your days of victory are at hand. You can get your hopes up that I am moving and the things you see will not be forever. The time of change is here. The tide has turned, and My children, you will always be more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. He has won, so receive what he has done, saith the Lord your Redeemer.

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