“I Will Quickly Turn the Tide on the Wicked

Donna Rigney, Salt Springs, Florida

On September 9, 2022, while sitting alone in prayer, I heard Father say very clearly, “As a result of My children’s prayers, declarations and worship, champions are arising throughout the world to lead the sheep who were quietly being led to the slaughter. They will be leading them in a righteous revolution; and the masses will no longer believe the lies of the corrupt, nor will they sit silently by and allow elections to be stolen – nor the righteous to be prosecuted unjustly.”

Looking into the spirit, I saw myself walking beside the Lord, on the top of a high mountain. In the distance, I saw bombs exploding in the air; a war was being fought. Jesus explained that this was the time He spoke about when He was on the earth – that there would be wars and rumors of wars, but it wouldn’t be the time of the end.

He explained: “Because men have free will, they have put wicked people in positions of leadership and are now suffering as a result of their poor choices. This will change! No longer will people, through deception or laziness, let the wicked rule. Determination will fill them to put honorable people in office, and they will make sure elections are honest.

“Yes, I am raising up those who will champion the cause of righteousness in all sectors of society. They will take back the seven mountains of influence that the enemy has been ruling over. Yes, these champions have been made ready by My Spirit. Many have been hidden on the backside of the desert, and they will be released in this hour to lead the charge to restore righteousness to this world. Sick of the rule of the wicked and tired of the oppression that evil rulership has brought on their lives, people will eagerly follow these champions, some sacrificing all to do that.

“This is a good hour you are about to enter into. Though it will be very disruptive, it will bring forth that change that We told you is coming fast upon the world!

“Yes, there are many champions of righteousness and truths that are already hard at work; and their reward will be great and their efforts will produce more than they imagined they would, because My Spirit has been working in concert with them.”

(I knew that Steve Shultz and many of the prophets and intercessors; Donald Trump and those who work with him; and Clay Clark and many others were these champions of faith!)

A Great Shaking Is Coming!

On August 24, 2022, Father told me of His plans for the future, and they are GOOD! He declared: “Just as George Washington left his military command to become commander in chief, My faithful warriors will be given positions of importance. Because they have proven their worth by their faithfulness and loyalty, they will all be promoted and will be used mightily in the move of My Spirit that is about to break out. Miracles, signs and wonders will accompany them as they launch out to lead the troops to take this lead back for Us, and establish My Kingdom on the earth!

“Healers, evangelists, workers of miracles, teachers, mentors, deliverers, pastors and apostles will all arise; and they will be delighted as they fulfill their calling easily! By My Spirit – not by their power or their might – they will see their purposes fulfilled!

“A great shaking is coming to the earth and it shall be of My doing! All that is wicked will be removed during this shaking. Just as during a violent windstorm the rotten fruit is shaking off the trees, and the good, strong, sturdy fruit remains, so too will the wicked fruit of the enemies of Mine be shaken to the ground and disposed of during this impending storm. Dancing in the streets will accompany this overturning of wickedness! Celebrations will break out worldwide!

“My angels will gather all the rotten fruit that falls to the ground and bring it where I send them to take it. Some will be brought to prisons – others brought to garbage dumps where they cannot influence any; and many will be brought to a dry desert place. All will experience loss. The loss they inflicted mercilessly on others will come into their lives, and they will know firsthand what the loss felt like that they ruthlessly dished out.” (Photo via Rawpixel)

Confirming Scripture:

“…our land will be filled with His glory… Yes, the LORD pours down His blessings. Our land will yield its bountiful harvest.” (Psalm 85:9, 12)

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