“There is an event coming that will ROCK the world. Those partnered with darkness will try to make it appear like an attack from another country, but I will NOT ALLOW that LIE to stand. I will bring ABSOLUTE PROOF before your Nation that it was an INSIDE JOB, planned and executed by people in your own Nation with the help of HOSTILE FOREIGN POWERS. This knowledge of the DEPTH of the evil those partnered with darkness were willing to release against innocent people so that they could maintain their POWER and WEALTH will SHOCK an ASLEEP and DUPED Nation AWAKE. I AM allowing this final assault by the enemy because it will be his COMPLETE UNDOING and EXPOSURE. Remember on one of your visits to the War Room of Heaven where you overheard the Elders speaking about the coming plans of darkness? The important part for you to take away from this visit to the War Room is that for every scheme of darkness set in motion, Heaven set in motion COUNTERMEASURES against it. I have called you to PARTNER with Heaven in COUNTERING all their plans—especially this INCOMING attack they have planned—with the RELEASE of My Host and your DECLARATIONS to PUSH this scheme back into their camp where it will EXPLODE in their faces. Take the POWER OUT of the attack and TURN IT AGAINST THEM. You are not helpless pawns in this battle of Light against the darkness. You are WARRIORS empowered by My STRENGTH and My PEACE and RESTING in the full ASSURANCE of our VICTORY. The ‘INCOMING’ is not just about their planned STRIKE, it is about Heaven INVADING with great POWER and GLORY!”

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