Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal 

October 31, 2022


“Everyone loves a story where the bad guys are CAUGHT and STOPPED, and the good guys WIN. You are seeing an EPIC DRAMA played out in your Nation between DARKNESS and LIGHT. You are seeing a DEPTH of darkness you did not know could exist in a person’s heart. Those who partnered with darkness have been OVERCOME by it. This is why My Army of Light and the Host of Heaven have been CALLED into ACTIVE DUTY to DEFEAT this malignant darkness and to bring in My RESCUE OPERATION. Let Me ASSURE you that no matter how many supposed ‘wins’ you see the darkness still pulling off, THE GOD GUYS ARE GONNA WIN! Remember that I have told you all the ‘wins’ the darkness THINKS they are getting, these ‘wins’ are a TRAP that will lead to their DOWNFALL and DESTRUCTION. One SWEEP of My strong right arm and all of their ‘WINS’ and all of their CORRUPT actions will be WIPED OFF the chessboard, and you will see them NO MORE. Your part, Army of Light, is not to REACT with FEAR or DESPAIR when the darkness gets another SEEMING WIN. You take AUTHORITY over this ‘WINNING’ SCHEME of darkness and BRING IT DOWN in My name. RELEASE the light of My EXPOSURE on it, SEND My Host to DISMANTLE it, and DECREE that it will become a SNARE to the darkness and a VICTORY for the light. I declare to you that THE GOD GUYS ARE GONNA WIN!”

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