October 10, 2022

Diana Larkin 

A Watchman’s Journal


“Do you see the Fall leaves being BLOWN from the trees? Soon, they will be STRIPPED BARE and all their branches will be EXPOSED. This is a picture in the natural of what I AM releasing from the Spiritual Realm. My Host are bringing to earth the EXPOSING WINDS of Heaven. You are seeing leaders FALL here and there and, soon, it will be like it’s RAINING FALLEN LEADERS, as I STRIP them from their positions; and I EXPOSE who they really are. Just like a Fall leaf cannot REMAIN on its branch INDEFINITELY, so these darkened leaders will be coming down in the FALL OF THE FALL. You will see them STRIPPED BARE before the world, EXPOSED for all their EVIL DEEDS and PLOTS, and they will meet the JUSTICE I released from Heaven on this earth. Just as Fall leaves are gathered up—some BURNED, some DISCARDED to ROT—so these leaders who chose darkness will be dealt with. Those who covered themselves with fine clothing, pretending to be something they were not, will be STRIPPED BARE.”

PSALM 10:2-4, 6, 12, 15

“The arrogant in their elitist pride persecute the poor and helpless. May You pour out upon them the very evil they’ve planned against others! How they brag and boast of their cravings, exalting the greedy. They congratulate themselves as they despise You. These arrogant ones, so smug and secure! In their delusion the wicked boast, saying, ‘God doesn’t care about what we do. There’s nothing to worry about! Our wealth will last a lifetime.’

They boast that neither God nor men will bring them down. They sneer at all their enemies, saying in their hearts, ‘We’ll have success in all we do and never have to face trouble’—never realizing that they are speaking this in vain.

Now is the time to arise, Lord! Crush them once and for all!…Break the power of the wicked and all their strong-arm tactics. Search them out and destroy them for the evil things they’ve done.” (TPT)

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