November 29, 2022


“Can you trust that I know THE PERFECT TIME to bring JUDGMENT or BLESSING? Can you put in My hands the TIMING of the FULFILLMENT of all My promises both for the DESTRUCTION of your enemies and for the ABUNDANT FUTURE that I have for you? I have the power to KEEP YOU SAFE, and to PROSPER you NO MATTER WHAT is going on around you. I have been CAREFULLY PREPARING your HEARTS to be STRONG WARRIORS who are UNAFRAID of the darkness and who have LEARNED to PARTNER with Me in DEFEATING the enemy. Your SURRENDER to My TRAINING, My CLEANSING, and your GROWTH in FAITH have also served to prepare your heart for My season of BLESSING and PROSPERITY. You have learned to LOVE and VALUE others and to be GENEROUS GIVERS and that will PROTECT you from being STUMBLED by the abundance that I bring into your life and your Nation. The last six years have been an INTENSIVE TRAINING ground—the only way through it was to THROW THE ENTIRE WEIGHT OF YOUR LIFE ONTO ME. I want you to look back and realize the AMAZING GROWTH that has happened in your heart—COURAGE, BRAVERY, FAITH, and LOVE have grown by LEAPS and BOUNDS. Just as DIAMONDS are produced by tremendous pressure, so your FAITH is becoming a PRECIOUS, UNBREAKABLE stone that SHINES with My inner GLORY. Keep SHINING that BLINDING LIGHT into the eyes of the enemy and ALIGN your heart with MY PERFECT TIME.”

Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal



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