Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal

May 30, 2023


“It is true that I want you to know Me INTIMATELY and to have our hearts KNIT TOGETHER as one. I desire to constantly bless you with My BREATH, My PRESENCE, and My VOICE. But there are other aspects of My character that I also want you to ACKNOWLEDGE, RECOGNIZE, and SUPPORT with your PRAYERS and DECREES. I AM THE THUNDERING GOD, and I AM visiting the earth with FLASHES of LIGHTNING and ROARS of THUNDER that will UNCOVER DARKNESS and will SPLIT OPEN HIDING PLACES of those partnered with darkness. This is not the NORMAL thunder and lightning storms that your Nation experiences every summer. The STORMS from My hand will have a DIFFERENT QUALITY. Those who are Mine will recognize My POWER behind these STORMS that unleash such BRIGHT FLASHES of LIGHTNING and such ROARING and ROLLING THUNDER. Even those who do not yet know Me, will exclaim, ‘We’ve never seen anything like this!’ What you see in the heavens will PICTURE what I AM doing in the EARTH to EXPOSE and ROAR over enemy CONTROL. Lions ROAR to MARK their TERRITORY, and I AM THE THUNDERING GOD who is marking His TERRITORY. I AM EXPOSING and KICKING OUT those who have LIED, those who have STOLEN, and those who have CHEATED their way into POWER. I AM once again CLAIMING this Nation as My own. CALL FORTH My APPEARING as THE THUNDERING GOD and decree, ‘We WELCOME Your coming to RECLAIM this Land as Your TERRITORY!’ HEAR ME THUNDER, HEAR ME ROAR!”

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