January 7, 2024

“In this year of the OPEN DOOR, I want you to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. If you set your heart to FLOW with Me and truly SURRENDER to My Spirit’s LEADING, all the UNEXPECTED happenings will not throw you into FEAR or CONFUSION. Ask Me to make your spirit and your heart SENSITIVE to what I AM DOING and to what I AM SAYING. When you learn to FLOW with My Spirit of LIFE, then nothing will SIDELINE you from My plans for you. No matter what UPHEAVALS are happening in the world, you will be KEPT in My PEACE, My PLENTY, and My FULFILLMENT for your life. BE READY to PRAY when I AM laying a burden on your heart. Don’t be OVERWHELMED with what the darkness is attempting. You OVERWHELM the darkness with the LIGHT and the FAITH that are in you. BE READY to CHANGE COURSE, as I OPEN NEW DOORS for you to walk through. I will be your INSPIRATION, your STABILITY, and your HELP as you begin new paths you’ve never walked before. BE READY to CELEBRATE and SHOUT for JOY when VICTORIES come. BE READY to ENJOY My companionship as we sail UNCHARTED TERRITORY together. My changes bring LIFE and FREEDOM. EXPECT the UNEXPECTED and by the end of the year, you will have GREATLY EXPANDED your spirit and your territory.”

Diana Larkin
A Watchman’s Journal

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