December 25, 2021

“Although your world is now in TURMOIL and locked in a BATTLE between DARK and LIGHT, I want you to know that I see it as the SEASON OF HOPE AND LIFE. I want you to come up by Me, and I will show you the coming victory over these worldwide DARK SCHEMES. I want you to be STRENGTHENED to complete this fight, and I want you to CARRY JOY in your heart that you will soon see this SEASON OF HOPE AND LIFE come into its FULLNESS. I’ll give you FORETASTES of the VICTORY in your personal life and look to be BLESSED even when the world is in financial turmoil. When you look ahead with Me and when you count your daily blessings, it will lift your heart in FAITH, and you will WORSHIP Me and PRESS in to see this
battle won. Coming soon…A SEASON OF HOPE AND LIFE.”

Diana Larkin
A Watchman’s Journal

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