December 18, 2022

“Your enemies are about to carry out a FOOLISH PLAN to DESTROY your rightful leader. Their DESPERATION to keep the TRUTH hidden about their lives of CORRUPTION and PERVERSION will force them to carry out this RECKLESS POWER PLAY to bring down My chosen leader for your Nation.

These evil leaders are so ARROGANT they believe they can get away with ACCUSING and CONVICTING the true leader of what they themselves PLANNED and CARRIED OUT.

They believe they can still FOOL you with their LYING media and that either you will believe ALL IS LOST or that this would start a CIVIL WAR. All the while, it is they who are the ones who are SEDITIOUS, TREACHEROUS, and TRAITOROUS.

I AM giving you a look at their plans so that you are FOREWARNED not to buy into either PLOY: do not believe what the media is reporting and do not be drawn into fighting your brothers who are still under the spell of the LIES of darkness. I know WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED, and I AM going to OPEN UP all the HIDDEN corruption, murders, and lies for the WHOLE WORLD to see.

They have THROWN My offer of MERCY and GRACE back in My face for the LAST TIME, and I will ARISE now as ALL-POWERFUL JUDGE over the great evil they have carried out in the earth and have kept HIDDEN or tried to PIN on others.

Because they tried to CRUSH innocent lives, they will receive the HARVEST of these choices, and they will be CRUSHED. Some of them will become BODIES WHO ARE BURIED and forgotten.

Keep STRONG in your FAITH and believe what I AM saying to you. This is a serious day when you will see those who BURIED BODIES become the ones who are BURIED by their corruption and perversion.

This serious day will lead to days of VICTORY.

STAND FAST and stay CONNECTED to My heart and together, we will TRIUMPH!”

Diana Larkin
A Watchman’s Journal

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