Diana Larkin

A Watchman’s Journal

December 12, 2023


“The evil ones with DEATH AGENDAS have marshaled all their forces around the world, and they are TARGETING your Nation for DESTRUCTION. They think they now have you SURROUNDED and that your Nation will FALL EASILY into their CORRUPT CONTROL. Do you think I’m going to let this happen when My SHINING Remnant has RAISED the APPEAL TO HEAVEN flag over your Land? Let Me share this STARTLING fact with you: I have SURROUNDED those who have surrounded you! The enemy can see you, My Army of Light, but they are BLINDED to the MYRIADS of HOSTS and ANGELS that are SHOULDER to SHOULDER with you and BEFORE and BEHIND you. Never before in the History of the world have Heaven’s forces been JOINED to My Sons and Daughters of LIGHT like they are in this day. Therefore, DO NOT FEAR, but STAND STRONG in FAITH, HOLD your battle position, keep DECLARING and DECREEING My PLANS and PROMISES over your Land. Your FAITH, your DECLARATIONS, your WARFARE against the darkness, INVITE the Host and Angels to FIGHT WITH YOU. Are you SURROUNDED by darkness? Lift your spiritual eyes and see that those who SURROUNDED you are SURROUNDED by Me and My SUPERIOR FORCES of LIGHT. We will PREVAIL!”

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