“The darkness and those partnered with it are working FEVERISHLY to bring about great TRAGEDY to your Land. Their purpose is to DESTROY everything I have PURPOSED for your Nation to be. Their HATRED of anything good and their LUST for POWER and WEALTH have driven them to throw every evil scheme and plan that they have against you and your Nation. Let Me remind you, that as wealthy as they are, they only have a FINITE amount of wealth to continue carrying out their evil plans. You cannot see this, but I AM CUTTING SUPPLY LINE after supply line of their SOURCES of wealth. (Here is a clue that their supply lines are being cut: all the big funding bills they are trying to pass in Congress are just a way for them to be able to SIPHON OFF money for themselves.) i also want you to remember that My WEALTH and POWER are UNLIMITED, and quite SUDDENLY the darkness will find ALL their wealth taken from them, ALL their dark schemes will IMPLODE in their midst, and they will come face-to-face with COMPLETE EXPOSURE and TERRIFYING JUSTICE, backed by Heaven’s POWER and RIGHTEOUSNESS. The darkness has an expected END. You have a GUARANTEED NEW BEGINNING—backed by all of Heaven’s RESOURCES and POWER. You will be a witness of your Nation rising from TRAGEDY TO TRiUMPh.”

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