“I AM calling you to be FAITHFUL TO THE END. The enemy is FULL-COURT PRESSING you right now to be DISCOURAGED or DISENGAGED from the battle. Don’t take this DEADLY BAIT because it will cause you to be SIDELINED from the most GLORIOUS VICTORY you’ve ever experienced. The enemy sees his IMPENDING DEFEAT, and he hates your POWERFUL declarations against him of ‘ENOUGH!’ and ‘we will not TOLERATE your dark schemes and lies anymore!’ He knows the POWER of your words against him because they are EMPOWERED by My Spirit of LIFE and partnering with My JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Recognize that feelings of FUTILITY, of DEEP TIREDNESS, of IMPENDING DOOM are NOT your feelings! They are being sent as FIRERY DARTS from the enemy to take you out and DISQUALIFY you from the EXCITING ENDING that is coming from My hand. REFUSE TO PARTNER with these feelings, REJECT them, SEND them back into the enemy’s camp, and BIND to yourself My LIFE, My STRENGTH, and My LOVE; and you will find that you are FAITHFUL TO THE END. What a CELEBRATION is ahead of us!”

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